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Ol’ No. 1
« on: June 19, 2019, 05:25:34 PM »
This is Charlie Ross.  I purchased H-391B #001 from Simon Drouin in Canada last December.
It is now registered as N100HC as N242B had been issued to another aircraft.
I was able get off work from July 18-27 so I plan to fly it to Oshkosh next month.
My wife, Beverly and I will most likely be camping with the plane in Vintage Aircraft Camping (VAC).
We hope to arrive by the 19th.
Charlie & Beverly Ross

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Re: Ol’ No. 1
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Hello Charlie Welcome to the FlyHelio site glad to see you posting here. Its nice to see c/n 001 with an appreciative owner to bad You couldn't get N242B again.

I Edited the History Post here;topicseen#msg3564

Please post a picture of c/n 001, as N100HC for the above file or email me one by clicking on the envelope icon by my Name so I can place in the history post above.

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Re: Ol’ No. 1
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Reposted the the latest pictures "Ol'e no. 1", as N242B 2nd time around in the history file.

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