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Wanted H-295

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I'm looking for a very nice H-295 that isn't being advertised on Barnstormers, Trade-A-Plane, etc. Other models considered but prefer a H-295. Must be an 8+. Thanks, Terry 423-987-4243 (No Texts)

You find anything yet?

I have looked at a couple and have an inspection and test flight scheduled next weekend for another one. Hopefully this one will be mine soon. If you know of one that might be for sale, please call me. Thanks, Terry 423-987-4243       

I was thinking....not very seriously....about POSSIBLY selling my plane.....but my girlfriend told me I couldn't!  LOL!  Im going to marry that woman!


If you change your mind, please let me know. About the plane that is, not your girl friend! Sound like you had better keep both. Careful though, the last plane my wife just had to have was our Wilga.... 


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