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Steve Murray Blueprints & Drawings
« on: November 21, 2017, 12:41:49 PM »
I was wondering if the person who bought the Helio drawings has looked through them.   I'm looking for the drawings or sketches of the muffler fittings that are on the fuselage.  I can reverse engineer them but it would be helpful if they are in any of the paperwork.  I have the mufflers and external brackets from the Pima County plane.  Getting more requests for the Helio with the muffler system and it looks like a second one could be put to work. Thanks 


Re: Steve Murray Blueprints & Drawings
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I am interested to see what other 295's have done with respect to the exhaust, and baffles, with particuilar attention to the fresh air intake and heat muff discharge. It would appear that the system I am bolting on is insufficient for heat and a suggestion to add a second heat muff on the right exhaust may be beneficial. However, the problem is the two fittings on the firewall (one large, one small) and the problem with exhausting the hot air around the baffles when not using the heated air.