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Helios in Bolivia
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I found this site you may find it of interest.



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The photos really are interesting.  I'm not much on the language translation though.

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I used chrome browser with an automatic translation tool

can anyone know how to get that translation tool for other browsers.

below is how the translation looks

Helio Aircraft Corporation
Founded in 1948 by Drs Otto C. Koppen (professor of aeronautics at MIT) and Lynn Bollinger (professor of management at Harvard) this company was created with the intention of developing an aircraft with STOL capabilities close to that of a helicopter. His research and testing resulted in the famous 1952 Helio Courier model (derived from Helioplane 1949) - an aircraft capable of flying at speeds well controlled ultra-low and take off or land on unprepared stretches of only 100 feet long.
It was used for military and intelligence in Southeast Asia with great success late, taking an immediate operations "bush flying" in various parts of the world acceptance. Twin versions were developed, artillery and rocket-assisted takeoff and other types contributing to the reputation that has this legendary aircraft.
For 1974 Helio was acquired by General Aircraft Corporation, paradoxically company sued the CIA for alleged unlicensed production of the device in Portugal, leading to an abrupt end the company's relationship with the government. After changing hands several times over the rights Courier and Stallion model were acquired by Helio Aircraft LLC of Arizona, who announced summarize production in 2004, with no new release to date (2013).
H-250 Caballero / Courier Mark II -. 1964 version of H-395 with 250hp engine. 41 units.
H-295 , H-395A Super Courier -. c.1960, level prototypes.
H-391, H-391B , H-395 Courier -. 1949, first production batch as L-24/L-28/U-10 for the USAF with 295hp engine. 102 units M-391B, 138 H-395.
H-392 Strato Courier -. At 50, one unit was built as high altitudes version.
H-500, H-580, U-5 Twin Courier -. engines in 1960 with two 250hp Lycoming O-540 type-A2B and service ceiling of 17,750 feet, 7 units designed for covert CIA activities.
H-550, HST-500 , U-24 Stallion -. In 1964, 15 units manufactured for the USAF.
H-634 Twin Stallion -. In 1968 a manufactured unit.
H-700 -. 1982 version with 350hp Lycoming engine TIO540-J2B.
H-800 -. 1982 version with 400hp engine Lycoming IO720-A1B, 18 built for both versions.
General features H - 295 Super Courier: Wingspan: 11.89m, length: 9.45m, height: 2.69m, maximum weight: 1,542 kg, load: 943Kg. Engine: Avco Lycoming GO-480-G1A6 of 295hp, top speed: 269km / h, range: 2,027 km, Capacity: 5 passengers.

CP-660 aircraft of the Summer Institute of Linguistics flying over the banks of Orthon bound for the colony Tumi Chukua, mid 60s. (Photo: SIL)
Helio Aircraft Bolivianos
The first Helio Courier registered in our country was imported by the Summer Institute of Linguistics , which we have already spoken on other pages as unavoidable reference for general aviation pioneer, in fact this entity imported a second aircraft type H-391B in 1957 operating with both units until 1973, when it reformed its operations in Bolivia and religious tinge began to focus almost exclusively on activities anthropological.
Another religious entity that operated an aircraft of this type was the Adventist Mission Seventh Day , which featured a H-391 operating in Bolivia between 1958 and 1966, we believe this was sent to Peru after his service in the country as this Church had its air base in Pucallpa Puno and then. Adventist mission settled in Lower Peru since 1911 had been founded by Pastor Ferdinand Stahl and his wife Christina Carlson who then retreated to Iquitos. Among other means, employing different Helio Aircraft, Piper and Cessna as mobile clinics as transport and logistic support to their camps, one of the H-391 was named for Stahl in 1963.
Out of evangelical missionaries, the first organizations that took advantage of the benefits of these aircraft were different mining companies and oil industry, these include the South American Placers , which in 1958 had gold mining operations in the north of La Paz. The company ESTALSA a distressed unit H-295 in Potosí in 1971 and the Unified Empresa Minera SA , through its subsidiary Auro Taxi Ltda .
The latter used two HST-550 Stallion units as a means of linking mines EMUSA in San Vicente (Potosí), Kori Chaca, Kori Kollo (Oruro), Holy Spirit and antimony mines and Caracoto Chilcobija north of Tupiza. One of these aircraft, the CP-1396 stands out for having a fascinating operational history in Cambodia, Alaska, Bolivia and then back in the U.S. where it is nigh disappeared after having survived the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina .
Similarly, in the east of the country operated for some years the CP-655 ship owned by Petroleum Helicopters (of Bolivia) SA , the company based in Lafayette - Louisiana, highlighted the country an exclusive group of aviators mount the mid-50 YPFB as subcontracted operators, among them was the Cap. Lynn Clough, recognized authority on air services to the offshore oil industry. His job was to transport supplies and personnel, geologists, surveyors and other technical-a different camps in an arc from the exploration to the Beni Chaco, bordering the Chapare. Aside from this company Helio Courier aircraft used Havilland Beaver and Otter and also operated a helicopter Aerocommanders SA315B Lama.
Among the latter was independent operators Callaú Jose Justiniano , who began his Air Taxi company in Santa Cruz with a H-391B Callaú purchased in Colombia and came to operate seven Cessnas (three former Paraguayan) until the late 70s.
Apart from all these operators, stands with no fewer than six units H-700 and H-800 manufactured eighteen, Cochabamba company SRL Andean Wings , owned by Ernesto Asbún. Andean Wings is known for having some very interesting models imported into the country is to test and offer to the public as well as initiate the specialized companies such as Aero Jets , practically the only (up to 2013) national executive aviation company equipped with reactors. Regarding your Helios, apparently placed three ships managed with private operators, one failed to be imported only three came to the country to be immediately returned to the United States, allegedly by the suspension of credit for import.
Of these ships, the last to operate in our territory have been the CP-1900, a H-700 imported in 1984 came to "current" in the aviation record 1992 as the property of Raúl Velasco Suárez , we understand was returned to USA end 1993, although no official FAA records of this transfer.

In the photo a Cessna and Helio Courier Adventist Mission in Peru. (Photo: SDA)
1956 Helio Courier H-391B C / N 029
N888W: Change log on May91, 1991 and amended in 2001, now owned by Craig D. Kennedy , Santa Barbara - California.
N222BG : Change log in Jul76, 1990 recorded by Barr Motors Inc .
N6449: Jungle Aviation and Radio Service Inc. exported to USA in 1973 and in 1975 sold to Lawrence J. Thomas and then to Charles W. Gamble.
CP-630: Summer Institute of Linguistics , imported August 1956, based on Riberalta; registered as air taxi for February 1957, used to support missionary activities, American record expired in March 1969.
N4110D: Helio Aircraft Corporation , Norwood - Massachusetts, airworthiness certificate issued on April 30, 1956, the apportioned registration 15JUN56; sold to the Summer Institute of Linguistics of Glendale, California in July 1956.
1958 Helio Courier H-391B C / N 012
OB-LHW-562: exported to Peru in 1960, destroyed in Maguey 23Jun1961, Mother of God.
CP-644: Air Taxi Service Boliviano Ltda based in Potosi.
CP-644: South American Placers , registered in August 1958.
N4205B: Possible record producer.
Helio Courier H-391B C / N 007
OB-: Possibly exported to Peru in 1966.
CP-652: Seventh-day Adventist Mission registered in December 1958.
N4201B: Possible record producer.
Helio Courier H-391B C / N 061
(4X-AJR): 8Nov64 Wrecked in Athens, transported to Israel remains.
G-APXH: Re-imported to Scotland by Sir James Denby Roberts in 1965 was canceled as "destroyed."
VP-YTP: Exported to Rhodesia on 21Sep61, Autair Helicopters Ltd .
G-APXH: Exported to UK on 10Dec59 by Autair Ltd, step by John C. Henry .
N7805B: Exported to USA in 1959.
CP-655: Petroleum Helicopters Inc. registered in October de1957, based in Santa Cruz.
N4128D: Possible record producer.
1955 Helio Courier H-391B C / N 008
N6447: Jungle Aviation and Radio Service Inc. (JAARS) , exported to USA in May1973, was sold to Richard Peckens of Michigan in 1974 was destroyed in a snow storm and destroyed in 1975 the insurance company removed the remains and probably was recycled.
CP-660 (1): Summer Institute of Linguistics , registered in August 1957, SLRI.
N4203B: Helio Aircraft Corporation (CoA issued on 21Sep55) in 1956 was used for experimental tests of the Municipal University of Wichita, returned to its original configuration and sold to SIL in Abril57, was exported to Bolivia and U.S. registration expired in 1960.
Helio Courier H-391B C / N 035
CP-706: Transferred to Callaú Jose Justiniano , Air Taxi status unknown.
CP-706: Aida Torrico , recorded January 1962, Santa Cruz basis.
HK-991E: 10Dec58 Registered for Mining & Exploration Company S. C. in December 1961 in its registration was canceled and was exported to Bolivia.
HK-991x: No data.
N4112D: Possible record producer.

Incidentally we notice that behind this Convair CP-1358   is one parked Helio Super Stallion courier or we would like to identify.
1966 Helio H-295 Super Courier C / N 1219
CP-793: Version modified by Alcor Aviation San Antonio, Texas. Designed for Bolivia and registered in September 1966 by SA Alluvial Tins (ESTALSA) , possibly sold to a private operator, based in La Paz had crashed in Potosi when the March 25, 1971.
Helio HST-550A Stallion C / N unknown
CP-1387: Auro Ltda Taxi Register booked in February 1978, indicated as owned by the Empresa Minera SA Unified (EMUSA). One of 15 units modified as AU-24A Stallion of the USAF, with PT6A-27 engine 680hp. In some records we have seen his C / N as "N-550A" obviously a misunderstanding probably derived from its diffuse past.

       C / N as "N-550A" probably was the American Registry N550AA originally on CP-1396 Stallion prototype c/n 1

Latest incarnation of the CP-1396, carrying some paratroopers and back to USA, insert: the "21322" Khmer in flight.
Helio AU-24A 1972 (Helio HST-550A Stallion) C / N 006
N5779N: Bolivian Registry canceled on October 24, 1984. Stored in USA by Larmont Aviation , stricken in skydiving accident in Sep90 sold to Patrick Taylor for use of parts, post Hurricane Katrina sea-water flood affected and in 2006 sold to Last Plane Out LLC and Louisiana in 2009 to Airborne Leasing LLC , unknown state, let your registration expire 10Dic2012.
CP-1396: Taxi Ltda Auro active in Bolivia since 1977 for this operator to subsidiary Empresa Minera SA Unified , record belongs to block 1978.
N9992F: Registered in 1976, Reed & Turinsky Schachle Alaska, demilitarized and modified several times to improve its performance including the installation of fuel tanks in the wing tip in 1977 marketed by Marine Associates, U.S. registration canceled on 21-FEB -78 after sale to Bolivia.
"21321": Royal Air Force Khmer   inspected in Thailand in 1973, damaged by flak in Ago73, escaped to Thailand in April 1975 during the fall of Phnom Penh. Stored at Utapao auction closed and sold to J. Michael Schachle .
72-1321: USAF "21321" Marzo72 accepted, transferred to Tactical Air Command, 4400th Special Operations Squadron from Eglin - Florida temporarily to Tucson and then sent to Cambodia as part of the Mutual Assistance Programme (MAP).
1984 Helio H-700 C / N H-13
"N4074W" Possibly stored since Sep-1993 in Georgia, with expired registration.
CP-1900: Raúl Velasco Suárez mistakenly DGAC was registered as CP-1899, 05/05/85 Private observed, COA: 08/26/92, PB: 11/27/84, imported by Andean Wings Ltda .
N4074W: Helio Aircraft Ltd . Registry canceled in 1986, exported in 1984 or earlier by Raven Industries Inc.

Image taken at Apollo between 1991 and 1992, was the last Helio with Bolivian tuition. (Photo: Erich Dieter Kierig Bilbao via Kierig Calvo |
1984 Helio H-700 C / N H-12
N50DV: Until August 2004 registered Pantechnicon Aviation Ltd. From Minden - Nevada, after passing through several private operators.
N82RH: Bolivian Registry canceled on Nov89, exported to USA by Larmont Aviation International , after some modifications and tests was sold to Donald J. Vecchie in 1991.
CP-1944: Teodocio Ferreira , Cochabamba registered 16May89.
CP-1944: Joined by Andean Wings SRL in October 1984, accident on 09Nov84.       
N4066J: Aerospace Technologies Inc. With certificate of airworthiness issued 13Abr84.
Helio H-800 1984 C / N H-18
N399MD: Joined in 2004 by Surgair Inc. of North Dakota.
N800S: Joined in 1992 by The Boat Company.
N4151K: Recorded by Don Love Aircraft Sales , passed through different owners in Texas, Tamaulipas, Mexico and Washington.
CP-1945: Andean Wings SRL , exported in December 1984, operated in Bolivia until 17Mar86.
N4151K: Designed for Andean Wings with Lycoming IO720-A1B 400 horses.
Helio H-800 1985 C / N H-15
N6158W: Joined in 2001 by Western Aircraft Leasing Delaware.
N700AA: in May 1986 obtained a new CoA for Don Love Aircraft Sales , was sold to private users and 1996 Incident in Ogden, Utah.
CP-1966: Added to SRL Andean Wings would not have been exported to Bolivia but a record of the DGAC denotes the property of Hugo Mirabal Guard , registered as a model "H-700SP".
1984 Helio H-800 C / N H-16
N4103G: Acquired by Don Love Aircraft Sales in May86 to Ene93 was recorded by K. Kane Baker of Palm Beach - Florida.
CP-2062: Andean Wings SRL received the ship and put it on sale for March 86.
N4103G: Registered by Helio Aircraft Inc on 25Nov85 in December was exported to Bolivia.
Helio H-800 1984 C / N H-17
N800TH: Recorded by TJ Farms Ltd. after repair by accident, in 2009 it was acquired by Marina Bukhanova and exported to Finland with a final destination in Russia in 2010 was canceled his U.S. record for what it is supposed was already registered with the prefix or RF-RA.
N4104D: recorded by Don Love and sold JUN86, passed by various users in the U.S. Midwest and Alaska.
CP-2063: Andean Wings SRL , for March 1986, had been canceled and returned to the manufacturer.
N4104D: Helio Aircraft Inc. in Sep85 exported to Bolivia.

Twin Helio U-5A civilian colors and USAF to early 60s.
Other Helio aircraft operating in Bolivia
Among the motley crew of aircraft and prototypes that have come to "test engine" on the heights of the administrative capital of Bolivia not missed a rare specimen as was the twin-engine Helio H-395.
Air America Operations
In the summer of 1965 a ship U-5A piloted by Cap. William R. Andresevic contractor Air America came to Bolivia to "assessment by the U.S. Embassy and atmospheric type tests" , this aircraft would be one of two existing at the time: the USAF 59-5955 C / N 01 (more likely) or 59-5956 C / N 02 was treated no less than one of the two prototypes built with funding from the CIA for covert operations in high altitude areas.
These engined ships had been built thinking of access points in the rugged Himalayas in order to intercept telegraph wires and remote monitoring instrumentation placed facing China, such as the famous case of an instrument telemetry powered nuclear batteries lost the snowcapped Nanda Devi. (Source ) T  lso used the ship p ara introduce counterintelligence staff in Mongolia or in the newly communist China occupied Tibet. In fact the first device was eventually registered in India as VT-DVE, and presumably would have been spent on these activities, then a dozen U-5B models were built and all operations would have been destroyed except for one. Also there are some fuselages of "civilian version" (pressurized with retractable gear), which came to no end.
The aircraft returned to the U.S. after some time in Bolivia, receiving a mixed assessment as to their capacity, but positive in terms of stability and maneuverability. How could it be otherwise Gen. René Barrientos, who was then 46 years old and then co-president, personally piloted the ship for 30 minutes on July 2, 1965 in a test flight "to joining the Bolivian Air Force " . This experience became a propaganda article reported in the bimonthly edition of TIME magazine, no doubt in an effort to obfuscate the real purpose of the visit to Bolivia.
USAF Operations
As background to this operation had been in the country have a U-10 piloted by Col. Robert Gleason, this ship came via Panama Peru and Chile, La Paz by entering "unknown" mountain pass just to injury when landing on El Alto, crashing against a rocky promontory and destroying its landing gear.
Another ship arrived as a replacement on a C-130, this came equipped with cameras that help map the vegetation of the Alto Beni and San Joaquin, in an attempt to combat the disease haemorrhagic fever endemic to Bolivia elevated to the rank of bioweapon thanks investigations of PHS. In this context, Helio U-10 were used for transportation and logistics for aerial photography, identifying areas of low vegetation inhabited transmitters rodent Black FHB or typhus, and then destroy them by aerial spraying.
Conservation International Operations
While these are two cases where important military operations type are identified, we also identify a case where environmentalists laudable objectives were achieved, with irreplaceable support of air assets.
Between 1990-92 operated in the country have a Helio H-800 of unknown origin (possibly one of the ex-Andean Wings warehouses around the country on a temporary lease) was assisting the work of the RAP biological research organization Conservation International . This expedition worked in the Pampas of Heath, Madidi and Gran Chaco generating important discoveries in the field of South American biology, as basis of the findings presented a report which led to former President Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada to testify the Madidi National Park in 1995, extending this biosphere reserve 1.8 million hectares and protecting the future for one of the wonders of Bolivia's biodiversity.

Helio H-800 flying over the Bolivian jungle in 1991, noted national brands in the stabilizer and fuselage. (Photo: H. John Maier Jr.)
References:, 9171,833852,00. html # ixzz2AXlurGDI
* -. The author thanks Mr. Barry Collman (Air Britain) for their invaluable assistance in completing the records of each of the aircraft presented here.
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