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c/n 006, CF-IBF
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My plea for photos has had some results recieved one for c/n 024 promise for some for of H-395A c/n 1006 including one showing the first instance of a Helio towing water skiers an early picture of c/n 088. Some time in the future when I get to those numbers I will post them.
Other posts about GF-IBF

c/n 006 or FML-004, built 02/55, as model H-391B, original registry CF-IBF was the 4th airplane of any type built by Fleet Mfg Ltd, s/n FML-004 was built using crash-cage/fuselage c/n 006, the only Helio completely built and assembled by Fleet Mfg Ltd of Canada as CF-IBF (Fleet Mfg built tailcone and the  Fiberglass parts for c/n 001, and they built sub-assembly components for 5 others) It was on display and demonstrated to public until 7/56 and demonstrated to Canadian Army at no. 1 Air Strip CFB Wainwright AB, 6 days later accident on landing, the pilot (A.E. Oldland) noticed an Army vehicle driving off to the right, parallel to the aircraft. As the aircraft rolled to a stop, the vehicle turned 90o to the left, drove in front of the aircraft and they collided @ No. 3 Air Strip, Border Lake Airfield (52:37oN, 110:46oW) 07/56, repaired sold 05/57, to Airmart Courier & Sales Ltd (D. Hamilton) Edmonton AB 07/57, Leased to Gateway Aviation ltd until '59, leased T.G. Eastland Testers ltd Edmonton AB (T.G. Eastland) accident the pilot, R. Eastman, selected unsuitable terrain for landing or takeoff, with the field/runway being too short. Gear collapsed @ North shore of Lake Wabamun, approximately 35 miles West of Edmonton Alberta 08/59 lease ends 3/60, back to Airmart Courier & Sales ltd until '65, leased Hamilton Aviation ltd AB until '65, leased Courier Flights ltd Slave Lake Ab, at unknown time placed on floats accident during a flight from Fort Chipewyan, AB to Fort McMurray, AB the pilot, George Hart, had a loss of power with forced landing into trees @ township 100 57:40oN 111.19oW near Fort Erie Ontario 8/66, dereg 3/69 dbr

Helio factory Canton, MA sent 3 crash crash-cage/fuselages to Fleet mfg Canada & Fleet Mfg sent 3 sets of sub-assembly components & parts to Canton, MA, later 2 crash-cage/fuselage and two sets of un-assembled parts were returned to Pittsburg, KS by Fleet Mfg and they were used to build c/n 003, 004

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