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Hello all. Purchased H-395A sn 1006 on 3400 floats. The STC for the float conversion from 2870 to 3400 and gross up to 3400# was not present. Anyone know where to purchase a copy.

Doug Johnson:
Most of the H-395A's have been converted to the GO-480 is your H-395A still powered by the GO-435? What kind of condition is the airplane in?

Can you post a picture of C-FNNB I also notice its been de-registered can you tell me about it.

The float  STC SA731CE is for EDO 582-3430,

STC SA731CE, "Joy Frank",Issued,01/01/1960,"Cape Cod Aeromarine Box 398","Orleans","MA","02653","United States","Installation of Edo 582-3430 floats.","1A8,","ANE-150 Boston Aircraft Certification Office Tel: (781) 238-7151","Alliance Aircraft Group, LLC\H-391B; "

The up-gross to 3300 is SA1467CE
Increase in maximum gross weight from 3,000 lbs. to 3,300 lbs. per Clarence H. Brent Drawings B395-1
1A8 - Alliance Aircraft Group, LLC - H-395 (USAF L-28A or U-10B)

What you probably want is Clarence Brents SA2261CE 3,800lb up-gross you need to contact.

Gordon Cragg

That STC does not apply to the 395A.

The H395A is identical to the H391B and is only approved at 3000 pound gross. The airplanes that have been STC'ed to the GO-480 have been done so on a field approval or 337.

The tubing is still at .040 so you are limited to the 3000 pound figure.

One 395A still has the GO-435 in Canada, only 8 were built

Doug Johnson:
c/n 515 was the first 395A it apparently took the place of 1001 which was never built

N44298 First Factory 395A, originally ordered as a 395 with a 391 eng and baggage compartment but the new 395A model with an option for larger baggage area was ready for production.

c/n 1006 the one here its mark CF-NNB indicate its the Canadian 395A probably C-FNNB now looks like maybe there will be a 4th 395A flying soon, two in Canada and two in the US.

c/n 1004 CF-AFA is also in Canada

And now that its been pointed out the 395A isn't included in the 3800lb up-gross I guess you're limited to the 3300lb upgross.
Below is most of c/n 1008 FAA file.

N4195D, Helio H-395A Courier, construction number 1008

Engine :Lycoming GO-435-C2B2-6

10Jan63 modified, with installation of Landas Model LW3600 fiberglass skis on main gear

08Feb63 Certificate of Airworthiness (Standard - Normal & Restricted, Other - Carriage of

17Oct63 Certificate of Airworthiness (Standard - Normal)

09Jun65 modified, with removal of EDO Model 239 2870 Floats and installation of Airglas Model LJ2800 Floats, for operation in Restricted Category only at 3,180lb.

Certificate of Airworthiness (Restricted - External Load Operations in Alaska), TT3,234.00
The external loads allowed are; a) a boat on the right float support struts; b) a canoe on one or both sides of the float support strut, maximum length 16 feet; c) dimensional lumber on top of the floats or spreader bars, maximum length 18 feet long, one square foot frontal area and 300lb weight; d) Plywood on one or both sides of the float support struts, total maximum dimensions not more than 2 feet wide, 12 feet long, one square foot frontal area and 300lb weight; e) Moose horns on right float and spreader bar on one right float only.

06Jun83 Engine : Lycoming GO-480-G1D6, with Hartzell HC-B3Z20-1 propeller

18Jul87 modified, with removal of EDO Model 249-2870 Floats and installed EDO Model 582-3430 Floats (STC SA1213CE)

23May90 modified, with installation of C. E. Brent kit to increase Gross Weight to 3300 (STC SA1467CE)

The 337's and paperwork is available for 10 bucks for a CD from the FAA.



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