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H-295 to H-700
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Several Helios have been converted from H-250 to H-295. 1 H-391 to a H-250, at least 1 H-391 to a H-295.

Here's an interesting Mod and the registry seems to indicate the change. I always wondered why someone would put N700HC on a 1400 series Helio, maybe the reason is that they basically converted a H-295 to a H-700 or maybe they converted it because of the registry N700HC that had been put on by the previous owner. Maybe this is actually the "H-700 prototype".

Anyone know the story here? The following including dates came out of the FAA files on c/n 1474.

N700HC, c/n 1474. 1974 H-295/700, original registry N68872 '74, N700HC Hinkle Construction co until '82. Next owners Teufel bros Portland OR, did an experimental installation of a Lycoming TIO-540-J2B with a Hartzell HC-E3YR-1RF/F9587A-10 propeller, Project A7097-CE-DS, awarded Normal Certificate of Airworthiness 26Jan84. Next owner Edward Corwin accident Corwin Springs-Mission Field,MO 8/84, and another Livingston MT 10/84, until '86, next owner Charles Harmon until '95, last owner Randall Hanes installed Naca inlets in place of side scoops on engine cowling and had the final accident at Gaffney SC 04/96, a crash on takeoff with a post crash fire. A drywall screw used as control lock on yoke column, was left in and it was destroyed.

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