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N6463V previously N295DJ

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Doug Johnson:
N6463V previously N295DJ

VP-GCJ British Guiana, 8R-GCJ Guyana Defense Force, N146LM Larry Montgomery, N295DJ Doug Johnson, N6463V Jay Harrison, Now Lew Beck

Jay Harrison registered c/n 1233 as N6463V after  Jim Harrower, Stoney River Lodge exported c/n 1423  N6463V to Canada and it was registered there as C-FXQY.

The reason I can tell is if you look closely you can see the one of a kind strobe I put on top of the tail, Radio Antennas are in wing tips. Plus the Paint scheme was done by Jay Harrison.

Doug Johnson:
I found a another picture of #1233 at the Seaplane base at Felts Field, Spokane Washington while Jay Harrison owned it.

You can see that Fuel vent sticking up. When #1233 was reassembled the fuel vent was bent severely and when we tried to straighten it, it broke, fortunately Larry Montgomery had another one in his part shed. If that is the original one that I installed it got bent while carelessly cleaning off snow. I always intended to fabricate another one out of stainless steel tubing but never got around to it.

I just figured out if you click on the attachment, it downloads to a little box at the bottom of the screen and then you can click on that to open it.


Ray Dorsey:
I believe  that one of the A/C i work on came back to the USA at the same time. 8R-GCU S/N 1282
Now  N2267Z .In Aniak Alaska, operating on EDO -3430 floats .

Doug Johnson:
Yes Sir it is. thanks for the reply. C/n 1233 was the last civilian Helio built before the military U-10D contract began, it was exported to the U/K government. After the U-10D contract ended two more sent to the U/K, but only two returned. The Log books for c/n 1233 were lost so I have had a hard time piecing together the history of the three. I've been going to call Inland aviation and see if the have any history on 1282 that might be connected, but haven't yet.

Do you Know any of more of the history of construction number 1282, for instance did it have a military serial number or contract # like our U-10D's or previous tail numbers in the USA ?

N6463V,   1966,  H-295,   c/n 1233,  Big Lake, AK    Exported directly to the U/K upon completion, VP-GCJ British Gibraltar Coastal Watch, 8R-GCJ Guyana Defense Force, N146LM Larry Montgomery, N295DJ Doug Johnson, then N6463V (Reg# originally used on c/n 1423) Jay Harrison, now Lew Beck

N2267Z,   1967,  H-295,   c/n 1282,  Aniak, AK, Exported directly to U/K upon completion, 8R-GCU Guyana Defense Force now Inland Aviation 907.675.4695

8R-GCV,   1968,  H-295   c/n 1285,  VP-GCV British Gibraltar Coastal Watch, VP-GCV Guyana Defense Force damaged beyond Repair   


Ray Dorsey:
N2267Z Ihave the old Logs. Last Entry July 1 1975


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