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c/n 609, “63-13102”
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2 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Unverified info coming from questionable sources, I'm using orange print

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c/n 609, s/n 63-13102 built 10/63 as U-10B for USAF, accepted 10/63 t/n “63-13102” (possible U-10B/U-10D conv ?) USAF Air NG until 05/67, US Pacific Air Forces, 7th Air Force, 14th Air Commando Wing, 5th ACS, Nha Trang AFB, S/Vietnam, detached to Bien Hoa S/Vietnam, accident while detached to Bien Hoa for psychops, it was being ferried from one field to another by 1st Lt Roger Brown when shot down by ground fire (an unlucky shot from an RPG), Lt Brown attempted an emergency landing but was killed during the crash landing @ about 10 miles east of Cu Chi S/Vietnam 08/69, w/o as dbr (last of 12 Helios USAF lost in S/Vietnam)

a photo of Lt. Rick Smith, Lt. Roger Brown's roommate and friend, in front of his assigned U-10D, 'Jackie' the Helio that Lt. Roger Brown was flying.

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Re: c/n 609, “63-13102”
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found a picture of #609 taken in S/vietnam. So I can remove the no picture

opened it above


Re: c/n 609, “63-13102”
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On the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund - The Wall of Faces (>Wall-of-Faces>ROGER-D-BROWN) in the Remembrances I found this heartfelt remembrance shared a couple of months ago.  There are also 4 photos of 1st Lt. Roger D. Brown there as well.

Roger was my roommate for 5 mos. at Bien Hoa AFB 5th Special Operations Squadron and he woke me at 0500 to say goodbye as he was headed to my assigned aircraft for a mission. “Jackie” was painted on the nose (my wife’s name) as his assigned aircraft had been disabled on an earlier mission several days before and then the Squadron CO woke me at 0620 saying that Roger had been shot down and killed - it was a sad day for the entire squadron and a great loss of a wonderful human being. I currently live in AZ phone 480-234-4144 Rick Smith

On page one of the Remembrances, the second to the last one: 'We Were So Young' posted by 1st Lt Roger Brown's friend, Dave Covey, who served with Roger Brown at Bien Hoa AFB as a C 47 pilot, there is Mr. Covey's great memory of his experiences. As well, there is a photo, presumably, of the remains of the U-10, 'Jackie'??

This is a photo of Lt. Rick Smith, Lt. Roger Brown's roommate and friend, in front of his assigned U-10D, 'Jackie' !
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Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 609, “63-13102”
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Thanks for the photo of c/n 609 with nose art

Unfornately the photo of the Helio remains is  c/n 616 note part of 63-13107 still visible on the tail.

Here is a link to c/n 616
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Re: c/n 609, “63-13102”
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Hi Doug!  Thanks for including the photo of Lt. Rick Smith standing in front of his assigned U10D, 63-13102.

 I have been texting with Rick Smith today and he cleared me up that this photo was of him in front of his assigned U10, 'Jackie', and NOT Lt. Roger D. Brown who was flying Lt Rick Smith's Helio, (c/n 609) 'Jackie', when he was shot down by a lucky shot from a RPG on August 14, 1969 near Cu Chi, close to Bien Hoa. 

Rick Smith wrote:  "Lt Roger Brown was my roommate in Vietnam and deserves all the accolades that can be heaped upon him.  I tried to talk him out of the mission that took his life but it wasn't to be.  USAF pilots don't share their assigned aircraft easily and Roger's aircraft had gone down on a previous mission. He was struck by a lucky shot of a RPG and dove, mortally wounded, into a Squad of Vietcong (approximately 8 enemy soldiers)"  Rick Smith told me that Lt. Brown "got me home a month early of a year assignment, because I had met the 300 mission requirement.  The Air Force medical staff at Bien Hoa AFB felt that I was showing signs of battle fatigue and they didn't want to send another pilot home in a body bag.  I thought that I was okay but Jackie and our 2 little sons were glad to get me home.  Roger's picture is available on line.  He was single and I believe an only child.  I'm sure his parents have long since passed."   (Rick Smith and his wife, Jackie, have been married for 56 & 1/2 years!) 
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