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Doug Johnson:
I thought the maximum size for attachments was to small.

I  didn't understand that if the attachment size is to large it is difficult to view.

It probably should be kept  smaller to force people to re-size the pictures they post.


Will Ware:
Doug, you can resize your photos prior to uploading...

I can also Up the file size limits on the site, we are just trying to keep the server space needed reasonable.


Doug Johnson:
I found an easy way to resize photos especially if using them to illustrate what you are posting about. I left click on the photo and open them in Paint with the edit feature if they fill more than 1/2 the width of the screen they are going to be to big to view easily. You can resize them appropriately with paint by using the resize in the tool bar. You probably want to do this with a copy because if you resize to many times while experimenting the photo gets fuzzy.


Doug Johnson:
How to make it easier to view pictures. Before You post them, you need to resize them. the easiest way is  make a copy of your picture, right click on it, in the drop down box it should have edit, left click on edit and the picture will open in paint. In the Tool bar of paint, you will see resize, left click on that and a box will drop down, you will see percent and pixels, left click on pixels and it will show you the size of your picture in pixels. I personally find that a width of around 550 to 600 pixels to be about right. When you change the number in the box showing, the height will change automatically. Then you can attach it. When it's opened it will be easier to view.

A counter shows how many people open your picture and I've found a lot of people don't bother to open them, so to make it even easier for the people I'm trying to show the picture to. I take the time to edit. I open the picture first, right click on it once it is open, right click in the box where it says copy URL, that puts a copy of the URL on the clipboard. I then go up to the top of the post and where it says modify I click on that to reopen my post for edit. I go to my post and click on insert, then paste the previously copied URL where the cursor is blinking between the insert symbols. This automatically opens the attached thumbnail.



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