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Doug Johnson

Happy New Year
« on: December 25, 2019, 09:51:26 AM »
OK, no response to 'Merry Christmas' how about 'Happy New Year' to all of you Helio Courier enthusiasts hard to believe the site is beginning its 11th year.

I received an email from Gordon a while back about the latest Helio gossip below; 

called Knisley to see what they knew. Apparently Maytag and his merry band of thieves has put out a RFP to several companies for various parts/systems.
You will remember I was contacted by an attorney representing Chinese interests wanting to purchase the type certificate from DM. Maybe this is heating up again? There was also that group in Canada that developed a high torque 350 HP Avfuel engine that they are wanting to test in a Helio airframe.

And now this

The day before Christmas I heard that David Maytag has sold the type certificat to a guy named Lucas in AK and that they have set up shop in a Hanger at Birchwood airport.

And no one knows anything? Come on whats the rest of the story? Or at least add to the speculation, surely this ISN'T one of those things where they kill you if you let the rest of us know what your opinion is ?

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Re: Happy New Year
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Is th new ownership of the type certificate is reflected on some FAA web site?  I am searching and i can't find where it is.  I did find the ownership of STC, but not the regular Type Certificate FAA web site


Kevin Dunn

Re: Happy New Year
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Happy New Year Doug. And a belated Merry Christmas!


Doug Johnson

Re: Happy New Year
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I was hoping for more than 2 replies but thanks Louis and Kevin.

I am not positive that the type certificate was sold because of the previous email from Gordon about Maytags RFP (request for proposal) to several companies maybe this is just a License to build type of thing.

The only other thing I know is that this guy named "Lucas" is reportedly somehow related to the owners of Alaska bank which was sold to Wells Fargo about the same time I left Alaska in 2000 for about a 100 million. So there appears to be some High rollers involved.


Re: Happy New Year
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I have been on holiday and been away from the site for a bit, but just saw this.

I have met Lucas, he is a nice guy probably about my age.  I don't know for certain, but I believe he worked for Alaska Bush wheels for a while and now works for Berringer (swiss maker of aviation wheels and brakes).  He purchased a jaars helio, 1442 I think, and that is how I met him.

I do believe he is related to the banking family you mentioned, but again I do no know for sure. Only met him once but he was quite friendly and a nice guy.

That is the snippet I know about him. Nothing about the type cert.

Doug Johnson

Re: Happy New Year
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Interesting that Lucas is the (unknown guy that lives in Chugiach AK) that bought Helio c/n 1443 and registered it under 20RIGHT LLC

I guess eventually we will know what Lucas's last name it's not terribly important at this time. I see the largest stockholder for Alaska bank was Rasmuson.

That's kind of interesting one my ultralight friends 30 yrs ago was a Rasmuson but he's no longer with us.
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Jason Stephens

Re: Happy New Year
« Reply #6 on: January 02, 2020, 07:14:19 AM »
Happy New Year everyone!

Au Miner

Re: Happy New Year
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Merry Christmas, and I hope the new year and decade brings everyone many blessings, Helio related and otherwise.  This is encouraging and hopefully at least some parts availability will be forthcoming

Barry Dechert

Re: Happy New Year
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Happy New Year! Many thanks for keeping the candle lit!