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Doug Johnson

Re: Fly Helio Site Renewal
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Thanks guys, I just re-figured with the latest person to pledge and it now goes like this $21.50 to $16.66 to $15.00 to $14.30 and now $13.65 each, I said before it just keeps getting better and more affordable.

It is the after Thanksgiving day I suppose I should start sending emails to each of the 22 of the people that have responded, with my snail mail address, too bad we can't just fax money.

I've been told that paypal s not a bad way to go, this from wikipedia; A worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders you can click on this link to take you to paypal

or 1 (888) 221-1161

Me if I need to send money to Canada I'm going to stick with a money order and the US postal service


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Hi Doug,
I think most of us have a PayPal account. I use mine frequently to pay for things. If you will get an account you can post a link where we can pay or you can send individual invoices via email.
Tim McNamara

Doug Johnson

Re: Fly Helio Site Renewal
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I received 3 emails with various reasons as to why I should use PayPal
I really don't want to use this email for a paypal account.
I had a gmail address for quite awhile but after forgetting to check it daily and notices for inactivity, notices of other sorts and the fact tere was no way that I had figured out at the time to forward to another address so I deleted it.
I may have to get another email address and forward them to my current address because If things go as they have in the past I can expect 900 emails per year from applicants. And I really want to keep my current email separate. Currently I get very little junk mail. I suspect this may change.
I do not participate in social media except for the little bit I do here and a few personal friends.
I suspect that by next November when it comes time to renew the site, I will have a Paypal account.
But for the time being I would really appreciate using the snail mail address that I provided each of you.


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hello Mr Johnson
I send to you next week for the wonderful job you make for maintaining the FlyHelio web site one money order from three passionate about Helio me, Louis and Denis
Thank you
Best Regards

Doug Johnson

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Neil, Mr. Johnson is my dad or someone really old I'm only 72', slightly old.

We are at 12 dollars US now, that is 15.95 Canadian, I was told that Canadians can just send a bank draft from their own bank, it will just take a little longer to clear my bank than a money order and it will save you a trip to the bank to purchase a money order, but you need to check this with your bank because I am not sure this is true.

By renewal time next year I expect I will probably have a paypal account to make it even easier in the meantime I will soon be trying to figure out how to activate the email feature at the FlyHelio and how to set up an email address at the site that will probably be It may turn out to be more money than I'm willing to spend but will give it a try

I really appreciate your help it is not so much that I need the money it's less than a couple months of my cell phone service, It's the fact that 25 guys are willing to participate.

I would also like to activate the classified section of the website for free ads for only 2 things Helios and Helio parts this may turn out to be too time consuming but I would like to give it a try.

I've already had a couple people that would like to buy advertising one only aviation related the other Helio related but this is a slippery slope that I'm not sure I want to venture out on, because I'd like the site to remain clutter free, adds all around the edges would certainly undo that.

Can anyone but especially the 28 guys on the good list, give me some feedback here.
One of you guys that I had a phone conversation with saw no problem with unobtrusive advertising and felt that I deserved something in return for my time, but even that, starts to stray from the free idea and I'm reluctant to go there, until we really need to and we don't need to at the present time.

Later, Doug
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Doug Schrage

Re: Fly Helio Site Renewal
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I'm happy to pay my share as well.

You asked for feedback. Here's mine:

If you're opposed to selling advertising (I'm not), I suggest instead of dividing the cost by the number of people that have already offered to pay, just name a price for membership - say, $10 annually. If you collect way more than necessary, reduce the cost and apply the balance to future years. I suspect lots more users are willing to pay their share but haven't spoken up - as was the case with me.

I also agree with those that have suggested modernizing the payment method - Paypal, Venmo, Applepay, etc. That would open the door to charging a small fee for advertisements if you find the revenue is needed.

Doug Johnson

Re: Fly Helio Site Renewal
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Other Doug, right now the share amount is 12 dollars if you or anyone else sends me anything it will stay in the account until our next renewal. Doug S., I will send you an email with my snail mail address.
I am headed toward a Paypal account, I have it mostly figured out. I need to have another email address for the paypal account and I believe I've figured that out. Gordon never activated the email address that is possible through the site. As soon as I'm given full administrative privileges, I'll work on activating that email address.

I also understand that is relatively safe to keep modest amounts of money in the Paypal account so that solves having to open a seperate account, and transfer money around.

I am surprised that others like yourself are not opposed to adds. Are adds just so ubiquitous that they are expected, and not minded? In my opinion they clutter up the page even as i ignore them, I would at least try to keep it to Helio Courier related adds at worst aviation related adds. I'm not quite sure how this add thing works I understand some adds you get paid by the number of clicks on the add.

I really need more feedback on the add thing, I believe there is a way to do a pol, I may try to figure out how to do that.


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Jason Stephens

Re: Fly Helio Site Renewal
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My payment went out to you yesterday Doug.


Paul Dale

Re: Fly Helio Site Renewal
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Doug, my feedback would be not to embrace advertising except Helio related.  Paypal would be helpful. Annual memberships a great idea at $25.  Member for sale section would be fun and likely useful for many. Lastly, the web hosting fees will be ongoing, your computer will melt down or otherwise need replacement or upgrading, and the users of this site really ought to just pitch in for these ongoing expenses in an orderly and fair manner to all participants, a subscription system seems to work well for similar sites. I am including an extra $25 for my impersonation of a reasonable 2020 membership fee.  Thanks, Paul

Doug Johnson

Re: Fly Helio Site Renewal
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Paul, thanks for your help, I have had 29 people including yourself respond. This works out to $10.35 each. The money from your "impersonation of a membership fee will go into the account for next year.

I have had 3 requests for advertising, I suspect I will eventually give in and try to do some unobtrusive Helio related advertising but that is a ways down the road. First I have to understand the "Simple Machine Forum" enough to the email through the site so I can set up a PayPal account. I remember that when I first joined the site there was a donate button set up, but it appears to have been removed at some point.

I can remember back almost 10 years ago lurking around the edge of the FlyHelio site not yet even willing to become a member. At that time I could barely type but I took a typing class and look now I type more than two fingers, but even though I use all of my fingers I still look at the keyboard. Now look where we are, if I can't afford to hire someone to help
me I may be taking some kind of web site training.

Right now I can get away with using google to locate how to do different things.

Please, more feedback, be one of the people that helps to shape my thinking on what we do as we move forward.
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Re: Fly Helio Site Renewal
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Hello Doug,

I am not opposed to a membership fee.  I think it's a good idea.  I am not opposed to HELIO ONLY advertising.  But I do not advocate for advertising across the board.  I sent you money personal check $13.65.  You have put in a lot of time to this site and it's appreciated.  So I advocate for keeping it simple.  Tell us when you need the money.  I know you're not in it for the money and you have earned my trust if that means anything!

Thanks again!!


Doug Johnson

Re: Fly Helio Site Renewal
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Chris, The more I think about it. I am so against a membership fee. It's like wikipedia charging a membership fee which hopefully will never happen. In our case as long as I can keep things afloat I won't charge a membership fee per se. But like wikipedia Each November, I will ask for those of you that care enough, to share the expenses, to keep the site alive. It is now at $10.35 each, if you sent more than that I will save the overpayment for next November.

As I said before since no one seems to be opposed to Helio only advertising I may attempt to do only Helio related advertising with the the idea being to reducing the amount we need to donate. But first I have to figure out how to do advertising.

Don't expect any changes in the near future I just hope we get it done before next November.

Thanks Chris for your input.

More input please from the rest of you guys.

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Re: Fly Helio Site Renewal
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Doug, I would prefer to keep the site clean of advertising, definitely have a for sale section, at worse limit the advertising to Helio support,  I’m willing to pay yearly
Please email me at as I have not been able to reply to you, thanks Doug


Re: Fly Helio Site Renewal
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I’m new to the group and still looking to purchase a Helio but would like to help. Also in Canada

Doug Johnson

Re: Fly Helio Site Renewal
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Gary, you are no. 30 so now your share would be an even 10 dollars american. I will send you an email using the little envelope icon next to your name.