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Prop AD
« on: November 17, 2019, 09:23:20 AM »
Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a good Prop shop in the south (Mo,Ar,Tn,Ok, Tx etc) that are familiar with the HC82X20-1B prop and inspection for the AD?

Also, what have others been paying for this inspection?

Thanks in advance,
Tim McNamara MD

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Jim Metzler had referred me to their prop shop...I would reach out to Jim


Re: Prop AD
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Thanks for the reply rmartell.
I called several places and no one would touch it until I called Memphis Propeller in Olive Branch MS. They quoted around $1750 for the inspection required by the AD. Now if it doesn't pass I'm not sure what I would do. A new prop from Hartzell cost almost as much as the airplane is worth. I guess I would look into an MT prop. I wonder what others have done...

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Tim McNamara MD

Kevin Dunn

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Foster's Propeller in OK. Talk to Jerry. 918-733-2131.



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Hi Kevin,

Fosters were the first I called. They wouldn't touch it.
Hartzell quit publishing repair manuals etc. for the old props so I guess that gave them a reason to stop testing them. Memphis Propellers will still do the testing and they quoted the $1750 which sounded fairly reasonable.

Thank you though for taking the time to reply,

Best Regards,
Tim McNamara MD


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Sorry, I didn't respond since the shop we use is further away. Sensenich Propeller in Gainsville, GA does the HC-B3Z20-1 props for the GO480's and are very familiar with them. I don't honestly know if they do the AD on your prop but worth a call. Ask for Dan Landis, 770-538-0444.

Doug Johnson 1

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Link to the 2 previous posts about MT prop I think their two blade prop is fairly reasonable as far as props go.

You will probably have to do at least a one time STC since even in AK field approvals are getting hard to get. BUT MT prop people will work with you to get the approval needed.

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Thank you Jim and Doug for your replies.
Jerry Foster called me back and had found an MV prop that was overhauled by another shop for 15k. I thought that was pretty professional of him. He wasn't making a dime off it but still took the time. I guess if mine doesn't pass I would probably pay the extra 5k and go with the MT.

Tim McNamara