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Jason Stephens

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Hi All,

Does anyone have an old headliner that I could use as a pattern for our -395 project?



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Jason, call me I might know who does.


Doug Johnson

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If you don't find an old headliner to use as a pattern, you don't really need one. I took my Helio to Merrill Field upholstery and they just measured the distance between the ribs for the rib pockets and the length and width then made everything slightly oversized then they installed it then trimmed the headliner to fit. It was kind of interesting I thought they were cutting it to short but they explained they had to stretch the material so it would stay taut. I also used a light grey kind of faux leather Naugahyde that was flame resistant and used in Lear or maybe just business jets.

In Your case if you don't have an upholstery shop on the airfield they may need to come to the airplane and do the measuring.

The upholstery guy recommended removing the tack strip around the edges and using 1" wide sticky back Velcro. He also eliminated the zipper that is in some Helio headliners have, and used the Velcro to access the inside.

I soundproofed my Helio by replacing all the Fiberglas insulation with 3/4" closed cell foam insulation and if I was doing it over I would have glued a layer of that same foam to the back side of the headliner.   
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Jason Stephens

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Thanks for the advise guys!