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Long range tanks (problem)
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Any Helio owners with long range tanks aware of issues? I’ve heard the install of the tank can cause a structural weakness and possibly poorly rigged ailerons. Any truth to this?


Re: Long range tanks (problem)
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What do you mean by long range tank ?  Are we reffering to the 120 gallons wing compare to a 60 gallons wing ?

As you see, i am referring not to a 60 gallons tank vs a 120, but a 60 gallons wing

There is more difference to a 120g wing than juste the installation of two outside inside tank.  There is structural change as the length of the pickup of the wing spar near the fuselage.  They are considerably longer.

A 120 gallons wing works as well as a 60 gallons wing for flying.  Besides the weight of it, empty or not, naturally.

If we are talking about a inside the cabin long range tank,  the T valve  on the roof on the tube between the two tank can be changer to a cross ( 4 way )  fitting to allow the connection of the inside the cabin long range tank.  With a a one way valve.   Then you are filling both tanks at the same time.  But you need a pump.  The installation drawing on the U10 manual looks like if the fuel is gravity feeded towards the floor

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Re: Long range tanks (problem)
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Installation of a ferry tank