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c/n 041, N4121D
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6 pictures the picture of the 60th reunion looks pretty lonely.

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c/n 041, built 01/57 as model H-391B, original registry N4121D William Murphy GA accident not reported or investigated @ unknown place and time, left wing repaired Agusta GA 3/58, sold '63, Polar Cub Mobile Units (Kenneth Grawatt) NJ nose bowl reconfigured for H-395 style oil cooler sold '65, John Rodgers NJ sold '69, Lois Perry CT sold '74, Farwell Perry CT sold '90, J&J Log and Lumber corp NY sold '99, Don Rajnus OR sold '08, Private Adventures llc (Morgan Perry) WA sold '11, Airborne Attitude LLC  (Morgan perry) WA sold 03/12, John Sessions kirbyville TX

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Re: c/n 041, N4121D
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Len Harasimiuk sent me a heads up, Thanks. N4121D, c/n 041 was sold to to John and Jan sessions in '12.

Nice write up here click on link

opened photos above

I've been told that the original induction exhaust using more modern stainless steel was kept because it helps keep it cooler with small cowl flaps and it is much quieter, than the H-391s reconfigured to the H-391A exhaust configuration.

Anyone have any opinions, especially since noise seems to be a current topic that gets beat around. The H-391 is supposed to be more aerodynamic having much less cooling drag
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Re: c/n 041, N4121D
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This picture should be three or four in the picture Queue above.

 I find this picture of interest, because I had a similar incident but since I was already turned partly sideways I chopped the power, stopped got out and checked to make sure there was nothing more than a scrape on the wing tip and stabilator.

it appears that while Morgan Perry owned N4121D there was an incident, N4121D hit with a crosswind on departure at Lakeland Linder causing a wing scrape, aircraft continued it's departure roll and took off.

It was midway through his ownership period so it apparently didn't scare him to bad.

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