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U.S. Army U-10A/B
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I was going through the site and came across some interesting info as it pertains to those airplanes that served in Ft. Bragg, Panama, and other areas. What I find that is not mentioned is that supposedly 22 U-10's were in Vietnam at some point.

My reference for this is the Squadron/Signal publications that I have relocated somewhere else for now. For a reference point you may want to get a copy of Wayne Mutza's book U.S. Army Aviation in Vietnam, there are some photos that show these U-10's in Southeast Asia.

Helio #66-13181 was one I found but did not serve in Vietnam as far as I can tell. Panama is where it was.

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Re: U.S. Army U-10A/B
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Steven there is no 66-13181. but there is a 63-13181 and no it did not serve in S/Vietnam. Thanks for posting the link to the book but really doesnt help me.

Do you have the book and does it list the s/n's of those 22 Helios and if so, how about copies of the pictures.

The information on Army Helios especially service history is quite limited. My info shows only three of the 19 Army Helios 63-13166 thru 63-13185 going to S/Vietnam.

See original post on c/n 634 (63-13181), click on

As far as 22 Helios serving in Vietnam a book that I received from Gordon Cragg that lists all the Aircraft that were lost in  S/Vietnam, lists 12 Helios lost so again I will have to do some research to find how many others, but pretty sure it was more than 10 other Helios. 

6 H-395 Helios (not U-10s) were sold to S/Vietnam AF and have the S/Vietnamese AF roundel. The tail numbers were XV-NAE, F, G, H, I, and J. These 6 Helios went to Air America and eventually to the Philippines.

And there were 13 USAF U-10B Helios given to the S Koreans that also had the S/Vietnam AF roundel placed on them after transfer instead of the S/Korean AF roundel but kept the USAF serial number on the tail 62-5907, 62-5910, 62-5917, 63-8092, 63-13097, 63-13098, 63-13099, 63-13103, 63-13169, 63-13106, 63-13108, 63-13111, and 63-1312. 

That is 19 others
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Re: U.S. Army U-10A/B
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TYPO yes , it is 63-13181 that I meant

I'll dig up the book and that will reveal all.

#63-13181 was in Panama.