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Lite wt. Floor boards
« on: March 22, 2019, 10:37:30 AM »
Found an interesting post about Carbon fiber floorboards and other Interior parts

Looks interesting.

But since I don't do Facebook maybe someone else can find a link to Carbon concepts
or maybe later I will do a google search for Carbon Concepts LLC and find more info.

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Re: Lite wt. Floor boards
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I did a little digging around and found that carbon fiber interior panels are considered dangerous to some people if you are involved in a crash because of its propensity to splinter in a crash.

One of my main attractions to the Helio is its crash worthiness, so maybe interior parts might not be so attractive if you are looking at crash-worthiness.

But How about slats, ailerons, and wing tips in several styles the original tips, Hoerner wing tips or even the ugly 7/800 tips and the Dorsal fin if you are so inclined.

I was told that the Dorsal fin was a useful addition if you were intending to put your Helio on amphib floats so I fabricated and installed one but years later when I posted that idea. I was promptly told that on straight floats the Helio was already a handful in a crosswind because of the large tail ad that they wouldn't add the dorsal fin to their Helio even on wheels.

There are probably a bunch of other replacement parts that could be made from carbon fiber maybe even the entire tail cone.
This might even be a partial answer for some hard to find Helio parts.

Some one recently mentioned that one of the float manufacturers was introducing a carbon fiber set of Floats but on't remember who it was.

One of the Helio members has made some carbon fiber parts for his H-391 He has the molds for wing tips and some window frames that I know of. I think I remember him talking about using a layer of Kevlar on each side of the carbon fiber to limit the propensity of carbon fiber to splinter in a crash, I don't know if this negates the light weight benefit or not.

link to Carbon Crafters

Link to facebook