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Bolt locations?
« on: March 11, 2019, 11:06:35 PM »
We are working on my  H250.  Does anyone have the actual hole layout at the firewall for the engine mount bolts?  Some lower fuselage parts are damaged , and want to get everything back in correct alignment. We do have a new mount thanks to Jaars, but would like to know what drawings show for actual dimensions of the fuselage itself. Thanks

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Re: Bolt locations?
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Hey everyone, I just sent a link to Byron for 25 prints that I placed in the Adobe cloud. He is having hard copies made.

I sent them to Paul as well, he had hard copies made. He says there are a few hand written notes in the margins that are interesting.

If anyone else is interested send me an email by going to the left hand side of the page and clicking on the little envelope symbol  by my name. I will then send you a link to the cloud and you can then download them as PDF files. Then if you want you can put the PDF files on a disc and take them to a printer. My understanding is that some of the full size prints are about 15 feet long.

I just had a thought You can probably just take the link to the printer and let them download the files.