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The HT-295 (1700 series) Helio as of 01/19
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The H-295 is the 5th production model of the Helios. It consists of 4 serial number series the 1200 series (94 built), the 1400 series (79 built), the 1500 series (only 1 built) and the 1700 tri gear series (19 built as 1700 series and 4 others converted by factory and 15 converted to trigear by Factory reps for CAP total 38).

                                                      H-295 1700 series
Of the 19 purpose built ''1700 series” H-295 Helios, 11 are still around 57.89%, and of those 1 is a project 9 are located in the US, 1 in Brazil, and 1 in S/Africa.

The “HT-295 1700 series" is basically a "1400 series H-295" with tricycle instead of conventional gear, 4  A/C were converted to H/T-295 trigear a/c, 2-1200s in '66, 1-2500 in '71, 1-1400 in '73 by Factory for clients in Mexico, another 19 were purpose built as HT-295 1700 series Helios c/n 1701-1719, and then 15 U-10D/H-295s were converted by Factory reps to H/T-295s in '79 for the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), c/n 1249, 1250, 1251, 1253, 1254, 1257, 1258, 1259, 1260, 1261, 1264, 1265, 1268, 1270, And 1271, 12 still registered, all 19 conversions were based on or used STC SA1399SW.

Several of the U-10D H/T-295s have been converted back to conventional gear but some have been returned to trigear. I’ll let you do your own counting if interested.

The proof of concept prototype for the first tricycle gear HT-295 was developed in 1966 at Factory Pittsburg, KS using Cessna 310 nose gear and Cessna 185 main gear on c/n 1213 XC-DEV 1st and c/n 1214 XC-DEW 2nd built 04/66, resulting in (STC SA1399SW), c/n 2528 3rd  built 07/71, and c/n 1446 4th built 03/73 under the STC all were exported to Mexico as tricycle gear modified H-295s. According to Robert the Factory's intent was for the model to be further refined and strengthened, but due to a need for expediency at the time the 1700 series went into production 12/73 it was deemed adequate, which resulted in a merely adequate spindly trigear model and not as suitable for rough air fields as compared to the Cessna C-206.

The ''1700 series’’ of Helios was introduced about the same time as c/n 1458, originally built as 1501.

The 19 ''1700 series’’ H-295s were all built with the GO-480-G1A6 engine with alternator and a revised electric flap and pitch trim system introduced on the last part of the 1400 series. The upgraded flap and trim system consisted of a Cessna motor for the flaps and an electric Aerospace-Controls linear actuator installed on antiservo trim tab push/pull cable on the stabilator.

I have differentiated between the 19 converted H/T-295 and the 19 purpose built “1700 series” HT-295s with a slash between the H and T because the converted trigear Helios can be converted back to the conventional or as some say ‘’Helios reverse tri-gear’’. while the purpose built trigear Helios cannot be easily converted to conventional gear and this is also why to my knowledge none of the 19 purpose built ‘’1700 series’’ have been placed on floats. Jim Metlzer said it would be possible to convert the 1700 to conventional gear but would take a lot of work, time and money just not practical.

Below are the history paragraphs of the HT-295 1700s still available.
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