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The H-295 (1200 series) Helio as of 01/19
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The H-295 is the 5th production model of the Helios. It consists of 4 serial number series the 1200 series (94 built), the 1400 series (79 built), the 1500 series (only 1 built) and the 1700 tri gear series (19 built as 1700 series and 4 converted by factory and 15 converted to trigear by Factory reps for CAP for 38 trigear).

                                                      H-295 1200 series
Of the 94 1200 series H-295 Helios, 46 are still around 48.94%, and of those 2 are in storage and 4 are projects in progress 36 are located in the US 1 in Brazil, 5 in Canada, 1 in Ecuador, 2 in Indonesia, 1 in Mexico, and 1 in the UK.

The "H-295 Model", was basically, an upgross to the H-395. In ’63, A preproduction prototype model H-291 "crash-cage/fuselage" was built as N9757 s/n 1. It was strengthened for about a 300 lb increase in useful load to 3400 gross weight and the cowling was slightly modified to accommodate a larger oil cooler and air induction inlet, and optional cowl mounted landing/taxi LTs beginning with c/n 1203 the lts became standard equipment, some other minor cosmetic changes were done. When it went into production in ’65 it was renamed model H-295.

N9757 was converted in '67 to a U-10D, c/n 1238 s/n (66-14336), and when c/n 1238 U-10D was released from USAF in '72, it was re-registered as N9757 and as a model H-291 (see c/n 1238)

A total of 94 1200 series H-295s were built in three groups c/n 1201-1233, then a military contract of U-10D/H-295s, c/n 1234-1277 (incomplete 1278 was completed as 1401), and finally c/n 1279-1295

Many of the 1200 series Helios have been completely or partially upgraded to the 1400 series style H-295 with electric flap and trim systems this part is left off on most upgrades, rams horn yokes, individual adjustable seats, an abandonment of the round porthole style rear windows for a trapezoidal style, and the dorsal fin used on c/n 1416 and up. A few have been upgraded with Fuel Injection to the H-295B (1500 series) an engine variant configuration, which never went into production.

All of the H-295s are eligible to have the gross weight increased from 3400 lbs to 3800 lbs by STC, but the modification itself weighs a bit over 45lbs. The upgross kits consists of placing split tubing and hose clamps on the diagonals in the upper and lower bays of the crash-cage/fuselage to increase the compression strength of the diagonals, wider chord tab on the stabilator, and remarking the speed indicator to lower maneuvering speed and VNE. This upgross was accomplished on 7/800 by installing heavier wall tubing in the upper and lower bay diagonals when they were built, it gives them 4000lb gross on takeoff and 3800 lbs on landing.

Actually, the Helio is quite strong so why not place yourself in category 8 with a log book endorsement and fly overgross which is legal it mostly means that you use caution and reduce your maneuvering speed if you encounter turbulence you slow down. It also requires you to inspect the aircraft and landing gear if you land a little harder than normal. But you do that anyway even when flying normal weight; don’t you?

Below are the history paragraphs of the H-295 (1200 series) still in service

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The list grows....

keep up the nice work Doug.

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thanks  the list isn't growing I left only the Helios probably still in service or in the process of being restored
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My dad flew 66 14344 and probably all of the planes in his squadron (606th)
Sad that it appears to be in a container disassembled. Dont know how many U-10D’s wgere in his sqdn?