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Current Helio for sale
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Anyone have an updated list for current Helio's on the market, this what I have.

N4103G, N50DV, N61JA, N62JA, N395HC, the 2 295's in Montreal, QC that are over-priced IMHO, I don't see N444PB

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Alan Sikes now has N9185Z "Millie B" and Helio Shark HT-295/U-10D N808BD went to Medford, OR and it now owned by Rick Schmidt.

N4XV is no longer on Alaska List, unless it appears elsewhere.

Helio H-391B C-GJHT has also been deleted from any listings

JAARS N61JA, and N62JA are not listed but up for grabs in the $160,000 to $170,000 price range as far as I can tell.

H-250 #2534 N6314V is no longer listed, so it may have been sold.
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