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Gordon Cragg

Fly Helio Website
« on: December 24, 2018, 12:17:58 PM »
Good Morning Everyone:
I hope everyone is having a great holiday season.
I feel an explanation of the issues with the website are in order. First, an apology from me that the site went down in the first place. Please let me explain with a bit of historical trivia.
I had always owned and flew the Cessna 180 & 185 aircraft (owned 8). They are good airplanes and served me well over the years. In 2001, we purchased 14 acres of property with intent of putting a grass strip and a hangar/home. We purchased the property because at one time it had a strip on the sectional chart and would be easy to replat. We also had a contract to purchase an additional 10 acres that would allow us to put in a 1,800’ strip. The owner of the additional 10 acres was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident before we able to close. His family decided that they would not honor the contract, and so, we were stuck with a strip that was barely 1,000’ long. OK for a Helio not OK for a loaded Cessna 185. As soon as the weather got warm we were forced to fly the 185 to a nearby airport and leave from there. So, as we were basically stuck with our runway parameters, and my lovely wife of 46 years asked if there were any alternatives for an airplane that could operate safely out of the strip...sure honey it’s the Helio H-295.
The search began. We finally ended up purchasing a 1971 H-295 N6485V (now N295GC) from Bob Erdman in Burlington VT.
With that background, please let me explain the thoughts behind the site. I found little to no help in getting information about the Helio. I reached out to many folks that I had been told were Helio knowledgeable (Thanks Ken Noe). However, there was really not a website devoted to the Helio Courier. I thought a site were questions could be asked, opinions given etc. would be the best.
I flew with a First Officer at the airline (Southwest) that had developed a website for the Piper J-3 Cub community, and Will Ware was able to guide me on the Fly Helio site.
Since day one we have been with Site Ground as the web host. The cost has gone from about $100 a year to its now $300 plus per year. The reason the site was down for a week was that my credit card had expired and Site Ground did not notify me. When Doug Johnson got in touch with me I paid the hosting fees, but did not realize that the domain name had to also be paid for.
Which brings me to today. We have sold the property with the short runway (thank God for developers), bought and sold another airport in Waxahachie TX, retired from the airline, built a house and hangar at Cross Country Estates (07TS) just east of Georgetown TX. 2,500’ turf runway with a bunch of great (and no so great) neighbors. My hangar is 60x60 which is way too small for the “fleet”.
While my wife has tolerated my Helio habit, she made it abundantly clear the Helio was too...slow, loud and hot to travel in for long trips. So, if Mama ain’t happy, nobody will be happy I made the decision to purchase a Robertson STOL Piper Aztec. A great traveling airplane with air conditioning and all “her” amenities. As soon as the Aztec is out of paint and interior we will definitely be out of hangar space. So it is time to put the Helio on the market and find someone to take over the Fly Helio website, all the parts, all the Helio STC’s and memorabilia.
Wish I could hangar and afford all the airplanes, but at this point that isn’t going to happen. So it’s time to be realistic and go forward.
Gordon Cragg

Jason Stephens

Re: Fly Helio Website
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Website registration can be a pain. :). I am more than happy to contribute to the cause with a financial contribution to whoever wants to manage the site.  If nobody is interested in taking over, I'd be willing to do so.  Thanks for all your help in the past Gordon!


Re: Fly Helio Website
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I too would be willing to make a financial contribution!


Re: Fly Helio Website
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I'm 100% on board with keeping this ole gal running in whatever capacity I can contribute, afterall, I do have quite a following at Vintage Airplane Association every summer with the Helio Gathering series, so stay tuned, and if there is any way I can promote, publish, and apply a new perspective, I'm in..!!