Author Topic: Helio H391B master & starter relays  (Read 1534 times)

Barry Dechert

Helio H391B master & starter relays
« on: November 03, 2018, 08:14:38 AM »
Has anyone had to substitute the original starter relay and or the master relays from the original part #’s? Looking for options I know of many relays I have researched and the original part # for the master relay some sites say not FAA approved hmmm. If I am to substitute approved relays I am assuming discussing this with my F.S.D.O.
The starter relay I cannot find the part # available.
Solenoid part #2295-7, alternate # 70-111226. The starter relay I don’t have a part # for the original. Some may consider this minor deviation.
The aircraft is H391B, s/n 091. N4431U.
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Kevin Dunn

Re: Helio H391B master & starter relays
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Sky-Tec has a line of FAA PMA'd solenoids (available through Spruce) that are eligible for installation on a large number of certified aircraft. If your FSDO wants a field approval because Helios are not listed in the eligibility paperwork, it will be far easier if you start with a PMA'd part.


Barry Dechert

Re: Helio H391B master & starter relays
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Thanks I agree, I wasn’t hoping for a magic part number but curious if I was seeing the best options out there. Never did find any part number for the original start solenoid. 12 volt on this H391B.