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c/n 1205, OB-788
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4 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Previous posts about OB-788 or anything click on  Enter ?

c/n 1205, built 10/65 as model H-295, original export registry OB-M-788 Peru Cerro de Pasco corp until '82, OB-Z-788 ? until '82, OB-T-788 ? Sold '88, OB-788 Aero Andino Taxi Iquitos sa Peru accident no details @ unknown place '03, reg expired '?, salvage sold to Denny Diaz 1 of 3 (Inka Flight Int'l sac) Lima Peru '13, sold to Russian person exported to Baltic, Paluknys Airport (EYVP) Vilnius Lithuania (by Vytautas Vanagras), Russian owner ? as 1of 3 export Kolomna, Russia RA-reg ntu or pending, project 1 to be restored and 2 for parts

see c/n 1449 and c/n 1456

photo below taken while with Denny Diaz
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Re: c/n 1205, OB-788
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found photo of 1205 as OB-788 taken '02 while with Aero Andino Peruvian Aero taxi

opened above as 3rd picture

Found picture taken in '82 as OB-M-788 while with Cerro de Pasco corp

opened photo as 1st above

Anyone know the name of current Russian owner or if any progress has been made on restoration
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Re: c/n 1205, OB-788
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Here is a picture of  c/n 1205, OB-788 taken in '75 that was sent to me. It probably should be #2 in the queue above.
It was registered at that time to Cerro de Pasco corp.

The photo caption appears to indicate it was operated by 'Conrhomin Helis' and the picture shows a change from the
original orange/black 1200 series paint scheme freshly painted with a blue/white 1400 series paint scheme.

'Conrhomin Helis', Lima, Peru 1975
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