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500-5 Tail-wheels
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Helio Community,

Lets bring this up again!  Only because now I actually have something relevant to share.  I have spent the last 18 months working with Tom Anderson at The Landing Gear Works, same outfit that makes 500-5 assemblies for the rear end of the Cessna 180/185 line and makes titanium gear legs for Cessna.  I sent Tom my tail-wheel fork and he built me a new one enlarged slightly.  The new one has about .5-.75 inches more clearance at the top and is 5.95 inches wide.  He also had his DER look at it and provide the appropriate paperwork for installation.

I have test flown the fork with a 500-5 tire and can say it performs well.  There was shimmy on the initial flights when landing on pavement.  However, a few new bushing in the A-frame and tightening up the shimmy dampener attach points to remove play in the system has resolved the issue.  Tom Anderson also sells a wonderfully well machined set of spacers as part of an axle kit for the fork.  It is the same width as his 180/185 line so the spacers are the same.  I have purchased a 14.5 SC tire to test on the fork but given that we now have the 500-5 operating without shimmy I will probably continue to operate the 500-5 tire.  I like the 500-5 because a new 10-ply is $160 while a new 14.5 SC is in the range of $450 but perhaps it will perform better.  Reports to be made after testing.  There is something to be said for a low cost durable tire/tube/wheel combination that has more width and diameter than the original 10.5x4 my plane came with.  It also is comforting to know that every FBO in the country has 500-5 tubes and tires in stock for their C-150 fleet if things go bad.

When I talked to Tom last, he was open and receptive to making more forks for the community.  I believe his price was $2250 for a fork and paperwork if he could get an order for 5, naturally that includes painting, heat treating, the whole nine-yards.  He would make them one-off but I don't know his price. Tom's web page is he is a friendly fellow and makes a good product.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, I think its a good option for those of us who have been looking for something slightly larger on the rear of the plane.




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How much without the paperwork.   My plane can’t read.


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Was out at my plane last night and figured I might as well take a photo or two of the tail wheel fork and tire to go along with this post and topic. 

Installed tire is a 500-5 reference tire is the standard 10.5-4x4 tire.  I think it is a significant improvement and will certainly roll over uneven things better.

Jason Stephens

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Hi Mike,

Do you still think the 500-5 is still your tailwheel of choice?  It can be used with the stock fork correct?