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Looking for a GO-480 crate

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Doug Schrage:
I need to send my engine in for overhaul. Does anybody have a crate? Or specifications for building one? Many thanks.

Doug Johnson 1:
Does anyone remember who bought all the engines at Steve Murray's estate auction there were several of the metal shipping containers, without engines that went somewhere.

Hopefully they were't sent to the scrap yard.

You might contact Wright air service (Bob Bursiel) maybe they have one you can buy or rent.

I bought a steel container from Steve about 18 years ago.  Had it painted with an epoxy .  It's great.  But I think, with engine, it's an 1100 lbs shipping weight.  I have a spare engine in it so I can't offer it.

Doug Schrage:
Thanks everybody. I've been in contact with a couple of you right here in AK and have a couple of options. For those that want to know, I had a complete in-flight power loss after take-off at about 600 AGL (at night). After some investigation, we found the timing gear on the crankshaft had sheared the woodruff key and turned about 70 degrees. No explanation why, other than the retaining nut didn't seem to be very tight. (The locking tab was not deformed, so the nut hadn't turned.) Fortunately, I was able to land on an adjacent runway without any damage to the plane.

Kevin Dunn:

Just curious, has the engine ever had a prop strike?



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