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FAA designation for Helio Couriers


Kevin Dunn:

For those of us flying in places where controllers have never heard of a Helio Courier, I thought I would pass along the following.

I was flying yesterday talking with Springfield Approach and the controller asked me for the FAA identification code for the airplane. I have used HE1 or HE3 in the past and it seemed to work. After a few minutes I was informed that the code is COUR.  Maybe it is just because I don't do any IFR in the Helio but that was a new one to me. Might save some confusion in the future.


COUR is the ICAO designator for the helio from 391 to the 800.  The Twin courier is TCOU and the Stalion is STLN.

International Civil Aviation Organization

Kevin Dunn:
Thanks Louis.  Since my international experience was a few years ago before Mexico and Central America adopted the ICAO procedures it makes sense.



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