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Find Stephen Ruby
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Lost tele phone number please contact about 2018 helio fl yin at OSH I would like to bring H5 H800 again this year   Thank You Dave


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Hi Dave-  I just spoke with Stephen.  His number is (deleted-see pm for messaging)   I would encourage anyone who was considering going over/up/down to Oshkosh this summer for AirAdventure to get in touch with Stephen as he is trying organize some things and jump through some hoops, etc.  All the better if he has some info on our plans.  Many thanks/  Bob Wallace (H22)
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Jason Stephens

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Always best to PM somebody with personal information like phone #'s. ;)


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Just saw your post, Jason.  Just so you know, I asked Stephen and he said to put out "The Word" and, as I mentioned, anyone interested in Oshkosh organizing for Helios in 2018 should try to contact him.

Steve Williams

Re: Find Stephen Ruby
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I believe Mr Ruby can be contacted via his facebook page, 'Helio Aircraft C/stol', where he has posted some information regarding Oshkosh 2018.

Doug Johnson 1

Re: Find Stephen Ruby
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I didn't realize that Stephen had been lost.

I went to the 'facebook' page click on this link

Intersting read about this years Helio get together.

While checking out the latest I found this current photo of N77TR c/n 2514 I had thought the paint scheme had been changed but apparently I misunderstood things but what is really interesting about the photo is that it appears that retractable LED landing lts have been installed on the a/c.

Anyone know if those are retractible LED lts in wing and LED landing lts in cowling that I see in the photo?

If so, I think that would be fantastic for winter flying especially for night landings, and alternating flashing lts for landing during daylight hours. They would also be relatively easy on paper work because they are on the optional acessory list and i've heard that LED lights have become relatively easy to get field approval for.

Is there a retractible light on the pilots side?

Have both lights in cowl been converted to LEDS?

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Doug Johnson 1

Stephen Ruby ?
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Hey guys Stephen asked me to post this for him not sure whats goin on, anyone know what is up. Has he been kicked off the FlyHelio site?
I have known other people to have problems getting on, but it has always been people not understanding how to reset their pass word.

Hello Doug,

Have not been able to get on for some months now, all access has been lost or deleted. Your help maybe needed for future postings.

N77TR is on the market, and below is additional photos for the benefit of all. Ken visited KOSH on June 7th, 2018 and was treated to a fun day of EAA museum and show and tell, he had planned on coming to AirVenture but now that will not materialize due unforseen circumstances.

Helio #2514 is on Barnstormers, but I have additional photos for all here.

Everyone attending EAA in Vintage has to fly in as a group to park together, the earlier the better.

All for now,
Best regards,

Jason Stephens

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Nice looking plane!

Doug Johnson 1

Stephen Ruby
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Since no seems to have anything to post I will pass this along.

Hi Doug,

I'm able to access the site but that is all, maybe I should try to reset my password, in any event here is the latest from Ken.

Feel free to post this as it has been approved.

Parking for Helio in Vintage is all arranged and I'll have an itinerary shortly, but for now we have this from Ken.

Hello Stephen,

I hope your early summer is going well. I’m off work for 3 weeks as of when I returned from Chicago on June 25th. My next day back to work is

July 16 Hong Kong to Chicago. I’ll be taking the family to Japan for the summer vacation period. I’ll be traveling on vacation, so probably not able to do very much replying to inquiries on the Helio during that time.

I’m starting to realize that there are not many people worthy or qualified to  own a Helio.  I’ve Now had 8 people inquire on buying it, and I had some really unusual questions.

I’ve had a couple of offers, and one of them I accepted, and then the guy disappeared and no longer replied to me. I think that there are some dreamers out there, or not very serious and just playing games.

One guy so concerned by how many owners there have been, and has if ever had any damage? I felt like telling him to go and order a brand new $700,000  C-206, that way he could be the first owner, and would know it had never been damaged or repaired previously.

Best regards, Ken

The 700K caught my eye so I googled the cost of new Cessna 206 and discovered that apparently I'm out of touch with the real world. The price is actually about $645K. I seem to remember that I thought the price was ridiculously high at around $500K.

click on this link

Jason Stephens

Re: Find Stephen Ruby
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And 1/2 the pilots out there can't handle a 206 as evidenced by a CAP pilot running their brand-new 206 off the side of the runway in Flagstaff a short time ago.

Kevin Dunn

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$645K is the base price on the 206.  I doubt they are selling very many at that price.  I am assuming that no one is buying the base model, so $700K is probably closer to an actual price. Discussions like this also make me wonder what a new Helio would cost. I see Gordon has his on TAP for $220K 

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Doug Johnson 1

Stephen Ruby
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Latest email from Stephen not sure how I became his go between, I guess I will continue for awhile.

Hi Doug,

More news and itinerary for EAA Airventure 2018. I'm speaking at the Interview Circle Friday July 28th, 2018 between 11AM and 12PM, also present will be Jodie McAlister's #514 N395H

My insert N395H is now in a paint scheme similar to Air America livery and still not sure why because 514 has no Air America history and of the 29 Air America Helios, I only have one Photo of an Air America Helio painted with a similar paint scheme which I have been unable to identify the s/n, most were unpolished bare aluminum.

It is close enough to be a good backround for the interview.

Link to c/n 514 N395H with pictures and history

The list is as follows. N4121D, N6463V, N5383G, C-G001, N289LM, N40345, N400HE, N395H, and possibly N77TR.

The below link to video explains more in detail about interview. Capt. Neil Hansen flew for Air America and is well acquainted with the performance of the  airplane.

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Re: Find Stephen Ruby
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Because he wanted to paint as a air America tribute design. That is why it is painted that way.

Doug Johnson 1

Stephen Ruby
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Actually, after thinking about it, 'Because he wanted to' is a good enough reason, and the 'tribute to Air America' works for me.
Its a reasonably good loking paint scheme, better than unpolished bare aluminum.

c/n 2503 had 'Air America' painted on it at one time, I thought I had a picture of it with the Air America on it, but if so I have misplaced it, but I found a photo at 'Aircraft Data' not sure how long it had 'Air America' stenciled on it because the registry mark ZK-TCE seems to be missing. Was it on the aircraft just for the air show?

link to 2503,

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