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Lost tele phone number please contact about 2018 helio fl yin at OSH I would like to bring H5 H800 again this year   Thank You Dave

Hi Dave-  I just spoke with Stephen.  His number is (deleted-see pm for messaging)   I would encourage anyone who was considering going over/up/down to Oshkosh this summer for AirAdventure to get in touch with Stephen as he is trying organize some things and jump through some hoops, etc.  All the better if he has some info on our plans.  Many thanks/  Bob Wallace (H22)

Jason Stephens:
Always best to PM somebody with personal information like phone #'s. ;)

Just saw your post, Jason.  Just so you know, I asked Stephen and he said to put out "The Word" and, as I mentioned, anyone interested in Oshkosh organizing for Helios in 2018 should try to contact him.

Steve Williams:
I believe Mr Ruby can be contacted via his facebook page, 'Helio Aircraft C/stol', where he has posted some information regarding Oshkosh 2018.


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