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c/n 1262, N42022
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3 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1262, built 07/67 as U-10D s/n 66-14360 for USAF accepted 07/67, t/n “66-14360” USAF CA ANG 129th Special Operations Group placed on floats 11/74, storage MASDC Davis-Monthan AFB AZ declared excess 03/76 released from storage 03/76, as N42022 loaned to US Department of Agriculture until '78, On display at Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton, OH museum displayed with spurious tail/number "374" (actually used on s/n 66-14374) dereg '81,  ?

notice t/n as "14360" then "66-14360" and should have been "360" if properly marked

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Re: c/n 1262, N42022
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another picture that Steve W directed me to

first photo above
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Re: c/n 1262, N42022
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Another low resolution preview E-bay photo.

This is c/n 1262 as N42022 while with the USDA before being returned to the USAF.

It really should be opened as the 3rd photo in the queue above, before it was placed in the museum with a fake tail number.

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Re: c/n 1262, N42022
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This picture of c/n 1262 while with CA Air Force National Guard should be #2 in the line up above.

Also would like to delete my comment about the tail number above also looking at the first picture it looks like that is a photo of '14360' shortly after going from unpainted aluminum and being given a fresh coat of paint. Possibly before going to storage?

It was pointed out that the Helio visible in the background of this picture has the merit ribbon and Air National Guard 'Minuteman' badge,  while  '14360' does not.

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