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Helio Gathering 2018
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As some of you may know I have steadfastly begun preparations for EAA Airventure 2018 and the Vintage area for another installment of a Helio 2 Oshkosh event. This is now a manifestation of years in progress to get some of you to attend a Fly-In worthy of celebration. The success of 2017 has led to numerous inquiries of future activities that may or may not be beneficial to the longevity of the fleet. I now have a slot prepared for 2018 and have developed a website to include a quarterly newsletter and write ups in Sport Aviation and Vintage Airplane for future applications. These will appear in print in 2018.

We would ask that you consider attending this event. I make all efforts to have an area slated for the Type. Ray Johnson would also like an airplane to be parked in the Interview Circle for the week of EAA. I will be there in earnest and have a Type Club Table already designated in the newly built Vintage Red Barn.

For those of you in the social media circles I'll post there as well.

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Re: Helio Gathering 2018
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Helio Highway 2017

And here we are
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Re: Helio Gathering 2018
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Ol No 1 will be there