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WaterWorld Helio mock-up
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Hey guys, the WaterWorld H-295 Helio mock-up, has sold to Benny Meyers along with the cage jig.
And I have finally located the Data plate, now I  just need the to get the construction (build) number off of it to verify things, and it will no longer be an unknown Helio. I think it may be c/n 623 (63-13172) but the tail cone appears to be a H-295 part number and the cowling appears to be a H-295 cowling with the landing and taxi Lights filed in. This just the opposite of what I was previously told, and it may be just that the H-395 vertical tail with painted over serial number is from c/n 623. To my knowledge c/n 623 never had an N-registry and was never sold as surplus.

see link to c/n 623 click on

Benny says may resurrect the Waterworld Helio using parts from his H-250, but probably something other than the post apocalypse urban camouflage, for a color scheme.

Benny also says he may have some parts for sale. He asks what are you looking for.

Steve Murray's crash-cage/fuselage rebuild jig, in my opinion was an overlooked part of the sale by everyone.

below notice H-295 cowling H-295 oil cooler, taxi landing lts filled, carb air inlet covered over

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Re: WaterWorld Helio mock-up
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I misread the number on the tail as 3172 but it really looks more like 1372 only thing close as far as military s/n is 4372 but that U-10D was reported as destroyed when dropped from a Helicopter in S/Vietnam during a salvage attempt. Maybe at a later date we will get a better look at the painted over number, it may turn out to be interesting.

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Re: WaterWorld Helio mock-up
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Steve had a guy working with him back in those days, great metal guy.  Karsten (sp?) I think was his name.  If anyone can track him down he might be able to answer a lot of questions.