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I'm not sure but I believe the mockup was in the upper loft of Steve's hanger at Carlsbad airport.  I only visited Steve's shop in Oceanside one time.   I have no idea if it was moved to Oceanside.


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Don't  remember where I heard this , or who told me so not sure if true or not.  But I remember hearing the movie makers knew what they wanted in the scene with the plane  with the harpoon or whatever it was stuck in it and tried to do it with a Cessna 180  or 185 and couldn't do it , then someone said  if anything could do it , it would be a Helio Courier.

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I talked to Eric Williams earlier today apparently Steve Murray had placed the the Waterworld mockup and a bunch of other stuff at a storage facility in Fallbrook, CA. The executors of the estate needed to clear the storage area and It seems Eric who was there looking at an antique car of Steve's was asked if he was interested in buying it he took a chance bought it for scrap and is now selling at auction what he wasn't able to sell to the local airport guys. I not quite sure how he connected with Joe Bradley who does the online auctions.

I asked Eric to walk out and look at the left rear where I told him to look on the mockup and he was able to see by a lighter spot in the paint with four holes where the data plate had been removed.

But is seems that an envelope with six data plates was sold along with Helio 1437 to Bob Bursiel. I'm going to try contacting the girl that did all the bidding for Bob and see if it might be possible to get the build numbers. Maybe by the process of elimination we can figure out which Helio it probably is.