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South African Helios
« on: November 05, 2017, 12:27:22 PM »
I am planning a trip to South Africa next summer (Alaska summer that is).  Funny how as soon as the first snow falls in Alaska the mind turns to planning ways to get out of it :)

A quick search of the forums shows three Helios in SA.  Are any of the owners of those planes on the forum?  Or is anyone on the forum able to put me into contact with the owners/operators of those airplanes?  Laura and I are always looking for chances to snap a photo of Helio at places other than Lake Hood or Merrill.  It would be a blast to connect with fellow Helio owners in far flung (at least for us) places and talk Helios over a beer.


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Re: South African Helios
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South Africa that would be fun Check out this site click on
probably be pretty expensive but it would be a fun way to tour SA.

I've heard Nicholas Hanks is a pretty nice guy.

Nicholas Hanks owned c/n 1422 flew it to SA and then had an accident.  click on

I only know of two Helios in SA now.

1459 click on;topicseen#msg4384 it has some interesting mods I like except the mufflers.

1711 lick on;topicseen#msg4455


Re: South African Helios
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I do like the mufflers.  Gotten work because of the mufflers we have on 5387G   Anyone have information of the mufflers in the picture of 1459?

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Re: South African Helios
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The optional Helio mufflers that I like, are the under the cowling mufflers designed by Lycoming. as shown here "on old no. 1"

click on to see them;topicseen#msg5009 

And if you got a brand new set and painted them on the inside with ceramic paint like they do on motorcycles it would move most of the exhaust heat out from under the cowling. I suspect this muffler style probably has the least restriction to the exhaust flow and may even help it.

Actually I don't have a problem with properly designed mufflers I just don't like them hanging out in the air but I do like the ones on ZS-JAR more than the ones on N5387G.

I understand why you have them on N5387G and I suppose you have no choice but to live with them.


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The 5387G muffler system is the same as was used by Pima County, and put together by Steve Murray.  A year later I had Steve do a system for 5387G.  When Pima went to the Allison we bought their engine and prop at a AZ government auction.  They tossed in a bunch of stuff they pulled out of their plane including the mufflers.  Just sitting around the hanger now.  We only use the mufflers when we need to be quiet, like fly over golf courses. We take them off for the cross country flights.  No question they decrease power and add drag, but they do the job we need.  It is interesting that we can shake them and hear them rattle.  Sure its pieces of lead from the exhaust.  When we were flying over the President at the US Women's Golf Open, the Secret Service remarked how quiet the plane was.