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Helio 3-View
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I am not really that close to painting my plane yet, but it is fun to experiment and play with colors.  Does anyone have a relatively accurate uncolored 2 or 3-view line drawing of a 1400 series Helio?  Looking for a nice blank template that I can print and shade in with the colored pencils in the evening.  Once I get a few that I think are nice I will put forth some effort and shade them digitally. 



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Re: Helio 3-View
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I kept waiting for someone to post something, but since they haven't  and I only have a three view of a 1200 without the trapezoidal rear window and dorsal fin. Here is a paint scheme that was sent to me that I played around and reversed the colors on it with A FREE program. You can down load it and it works pretty well. I'm not exactly sure how i did that because I was going to erase the colors and couldn't figure out how i did it. Maybe you can figure it out. I did raise the tail 4.5 degrees so I could put your registry on it straight, I really don't like the slanted Numbers, and I prefer the large numbers.

I kind of like this tan color and the factory only used it on three 1400's I was told.

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Re: Helio 3-View
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I flew and maintained Helios for JAARS,  I know them inside out really well....I am an aviation artist and scale airplane builder, currently working on a 27% Helio Courier. I am working on a three view accurate Helio drawing, we'll see..