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Helio accessory list
« on: September 02, 2017, 05:00:15 PM »
This is the H-250 H-295 standard and optional accessory list posted by Andrew Stolte at

I resized the photos turned them and opened them to make looking at the list a little easier. At first I was going to convert them to PDF files and straighter them make them look nice but decided they were fine just the way they are.

If you do a search for the accessory files it is probably easier to find now

At first I thought I was really confused about when certain options became available for instance I was pretty sure the electric flaps and trim didn't become available until the 1400 series H-295 came out, because only a couple of the 1200 series had electric flaps and those were retrofitted. I finally figured out this was a 1970 list of options that was available for all of the H-295s and H-250s, a couple years after the factory began building the 1400 series.