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Tailwheel Tire issue - Help!
« on: August 01, 2017, 04:52:35 PM »
Okay...lets see...when I purchased 295LA I had a couple of spare tires...Firestone Sky Champion 10 1/2 x 4 inside diameter is 4 inches...the wheel I have is exactly like the manual shows pics for and the tire fits this wheel..needed  a new tire so I bought from Desser $$ 10.00 8 ply (just like my manual says...and it Supposedly fits my helio ...ONLY it doesn't..inside diameter is 3 3/16 inches it will not fit my wheel...

Any thoughts?   I have not found any tire yet to fit my wheel.....

This makes me want a bigger TW fork even more now!  I travel a lot...too much.. for work so I have kinda procrastinated on that!


Re: Tailwheel Tire issue - Help!
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Could you post pictures?  Preferably with a tape measure


Re: Tailwheel Tire issue - Help!
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If you have a tail wheel that is 4" diameter for the tire, then it isn't an original Goodyear wheel that Helio factory used on the H391B. H395, H295. Helio used a 3 1/2" wheel which the tire you got from Desser would fit. I measured one and the diameter is really about 3 3/8" but called 3 1/2". The wheel should have the PN on it, however, it can be confusing as there are part numbers for the individual pieces of the wheel as well as assembly part numbers. Jim


Re: Tailwheel Tire issue - Help!
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Thanks Jim,

That makes sense now...the pics in my manual exactly match my wheel but the P/N 's do not...I did find a tire that fits my wheel just got it....though I will say the original Desser tire (Aero classic) seems a lot better, just by looking at it...better rubber compound it appears...the new one Schenuit...appears they are both made in China

my wheel is a BF Goodrich wheel...don't have P/N with me now..its in the Hanger