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E-Bay owners manual
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There is a HT-295 owners manual for sale on E-bay. A friend looked at the picture and noticed several N numbers, thinking this was different registries that the aircraft had passed through because there was only one serial number. He asked me what the status of this Helio was. he also asked about the date at the lower right corner and the Florida Museum marking at the upper right corner. You might find what I found of interest.

Anyone else have any knowledge of this manual or ideas.

c/n 1712 holds a current valid registry.

This manual definitely didn't follow a single Helio and its ownership changes.

The date Dec 1973 is when the first HT-295 was built so this probably reflects the manual being approved at the same time

I looked through 19 HT-295s and the 19 others converted to H/T-295s

I think the 1st number is N68886   c/n 1716

next N688890 c/n 1712

next N5387G  c/n 1257 a U-10D   converted to H/T-295

I couldn't find a number for the one in the second row except possibly N5405G c/n 1259 and the only trigear in a museum that I'm aware of.

Although this has nothing to do with the manual and but I'm really not sure, It's possible Igaal Barak bought 1259 in '03, named it Helioshark and had it with a museum

The Onion Farmer owns 1257 now.

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Re: E-Bay owners manual
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This got me thinking about the HT-295, 68884, CN 1714 that belonged to Walter H. Fitzgerald from Harleysville, PA.  It was a sister Helio of my plane, the next one out after mine, I believe, rolling out of the Helio facility right before Helio stopped production in Sep. 1974?

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Re: E-Bay owners manual
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Raven is your Helio 1713? If so here's a link to its file. By the way do you have a picture to share?;topicseen#msg4461

and heres the link to the file on c/n 1714;topicseen#msg4462


Re: E-Bay owners manual
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Hey Doug,  Onionfarmer owns 1259 not 1257 which was 5405G before 808BD. It has HELIOSHARK on the cowling. Military number 66 14357. Flies regularly, not in a museum.  Keep the site active, I never post but enjoy reading. Alan.

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Re: E-Bay owners manual
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Alan, Sorry I mixed up 1257 and 1259, 1257 was the last Helio I listed before commenting on the registry I couldn't figure out, then I mentioned the possibility of N5405G and mixed things up. But wasn't the Helio shark in a museum for a while when owned by Igaal Barak ? By the way who did paint Helio Shark on the cowling?
I thought I had a picture of the Helio Shark on display but see I only have several pictures of it at different airshows do I have it mixed up with another HT-295 or converted H-295 that was on display in a museum or possibly there was never a tri-gear Helio in a museum?

Link to c/n 1259 file: