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Helio c/n #515 SE-COA
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Found this on the Swedish Aviation History Forum. It denotes that this is Helio H-395A  c/n #515. That number would normally reflect a 395 Super Courier, however with closer examination it appears this Courier has the 101" two-blade propeller and that being said may very well have the Lycoming GO-435-C2B2-6

So maybe someone can determine the origins of its manufacture

Here is a link

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Re: Helio c/n #515 SE-COA
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 check out this previous post on c/n 515 this Helio was ordered as a H-395A configuration and is the first one on the H-395A type certificate

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Re: Helio c/n #515 SE-COA
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Well, that explains it in a nutshell, tried to find a post earlier on here and came up a bit short.

Now that's progress


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