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Helio Stallion #001 N10038
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I was contacted last by a Mr. David Gurkin who resides in PA. Back in the middle 60's he was a line service tech @ Altoona, PA and one day Helio Stallion N10038 showed up for a fuel stop and some food. All he told me there were the 2 test pilots for Helio Aircraft enroute from Bedford, MA to Wright/Patterson AFB for evaluation of the airplane by the Air Force, I'm guessing around 1965-66 timeframe. The pilots for Helio at that time would most likely be Lou Droste and Hunter Blackwell who ran the flight program at Hanscom Field. Larry Montgomery was a tech rep for Helio also but his capacity was geared more toward the Super Courier/Courier production models in the civilian markets. In any event David sent me some photos of this event.

We see here Stallion #001 parked at Altoona's ramp

Photos were taken with a Kodak Brownie camera which justifies the somewhat grainy quality

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Re: Helio Stallion #1 N10038
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Nice find Stephen,
But these pictures are of stallion No. 1 it didn't become a 2nd 001 until it returned from Columbia, and was reregistered as N550AA it is now N550TG and since I've never seen the Data plate I'm not convinced 00 was added to the original #1 on the data plate, which would be against the rules anyway, but '00' was added to the paperwork.

I'll post the image address here so they will open and I'll add them to my collection as well.

Here is the link to the other c/n 1 Helio pictures click here;topicseen#msg4666

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