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When I last bought Bushwheels only the 29" ones where certified for the Helio. They have been great and lasted a long time.  Now I see that the 31" and 35" ones are approved for the Helio.  Has anyone used these?  How do you like them?  Any issues with tailwheel shimmy?  Thanks

Never mind.  Looks like only the 26" and 29" versions are approved

The 31" are cerfitied on the 391b and the 395.  I have seen a number of 395s with the 3800 lbs gw and 31" tires.  But that combinations is not recommended as the sidewalls are too soft. I spent a lot of hours talking with the folks at bushwheels about the options for my 295.  I went with the 29x11x10 instead of the bushwheels, but it did sound like the heavy walled 29" would have been a great tire!

witch one with the Goodyears crosswind landing gear ??

I had crosswind gear until I walked in the door at bushwheels.  There are just not many tires that I could find that fit on the 8" wheel of the crosswinds.  Before I got my 29x11x10s I had a 22" tire on the crosswind gear.  I flew that setup for about 50 hours before switching to a 10" wheel and a straight axle.  I did look around for a bigger tire to mount on the croswswind hub, but the 22" seemed to be about as big as I could get.


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