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c/n 007, N550HZ
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4 pictures check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 007, built 03/72 as Helio Stallion model AU-24A s/n 72-1322 for USAF, t/n “21322” US Air Force Systems Command until 03/72, USAF Tactical Air Command, 4400th Special Operations Squadron (provisional), Eglin AFB FL until 06/72, placed in storage USAF Air Materiel Command, Davis-Monthan AFB until 11/72, struck off charge and transfer under MaP as t/n “21322” to "Royal Khmer AF" Pochentong Cambodia accident during landing no details @ an outstation in Cambodia 09/73, ferried to Phnom Penh-Pochentong, Cambodia and repaired 09/73, incident damaged by ground fire no details @ unknown area 12/73 repaired, removed from service unknown time in '75, shipped to Utapao RTNAB Thailand in box on C-123 in poor condition with no engine A Sealed Bid Sale, No. 62-6040, included this aircraft as Item 27, with missing engine, Data Plate and historical documents. Aircraft was to be sold only for recovery of parts and/or for scrap. It was located at the Royal Thai Naval Air Base, Utapao, Thailand sold 04/76, reg N1384X Alcor TX winning bid resold '76, Reed, Schachle & Turinsky AK who returned it to US in '76, demilitarized converted to HST-550A sold '80, Ron Sutphin OR & Tom Teufel OR sold '81, B.F.D.A. inc (James Perry) WA request reg (N9991F but ntu, previously used on 004) sold '89, Tom Teufel OR and James Perry WA sold '89, Taylor Energy co (Patrick Taylor) rereg N994PT (later reserved to be re-used on prototype Stallion HS no. 2) Taylor Energy co (Patrick Taylor) LA rereg (N550PT ntu) sold '91, rereg as N550HZ (David Maytag #1 Helio LLC, Partner) AZ accident the pilot and a passenger were conducting a low level flight over mountainous terrain. The surface wind conditions were reported to be from the South at or above 20 knots. The pilot reported that he approached the mountain peak in a Southerly direction and climbed the airplane to an altitude of 150 feet above the ground to clear the mountain. The airplane encountered downdraft conditions on the lee side of the mountain. The pilot failed to immediately correct for this condition and the airplane collided with the up sloping mountainous terrain when the pilot was executing a 180 degree turn @ Salome Arizona 3/92, severe damage David Maytag Prescott AZ, reg expired '13

Can anyone add anthing further my understanding is that there are few usable parts basically only salvage to be scrapped. Anyone know if that is fact?

 As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: c/n 007, N550HZ
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I received the info below.

Your flyhelio entry for c/n 007, N550HZ, needs editing, as two of the photos are not of 72-1322. Picture number two is clearly of 72-1332 and must have been taken very shortly after it was input MASDC on 14JUL72, as the PCN hasn't been applied yet. The aircraft in pictures one and three both have a yellow '7' painted on the cowling, applied by MASDC prior to storage. It indicates that the condition of certain equipment has been recorded, some of it removed along with easily pilfer-able items, and any wanted parts checked and removed. When all the forms have been filled in, they apply the '7'. In picture one, the PCN has then been stenciled over the top of it, but in the other shot, the PCN is missing. The latter is not 72-1322.

The above errors were pointed out to me here but I am unable to edit pretty obvious that I my reading ability is at a kindergarten level, as it is pretty obvious that picture 2 is not c/n 007 but actually c/n 015.

as far as picture three I was given picture #1 and told that #3 was the same A/C it worked for me but appears to be wrong.

Thanks for the help but as I've moaned repeatedly I am no longer allowed to edit my old posts and I'm not quite sure why.

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Re: c/n 007, N550HZ
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Maytag went thru the windshield in this bird he is lucky to have survived such an ordeal. Safety cage is around the pilots area in all Stallions except for #1 that may account for survivability in such instances.

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Re: c/n 007, N550HZ
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here is a picture that was pointed out to me that was taken at Eglin AFB on 6-13-'72 probably just before it went into storage at Davis-Monthan AFB

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