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c/n 002, “21319”
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7 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 002, built 02/69 as AU-24A s/n 72-1319 for USAF original registry N9551A, leased 02/69 by USAF for evaluation then purchased as s/n (72-1319) t/n “21319” 12/71, US Air Force Systems Command until 12/71, USAF Tactical Air Command, 4400th Special Operations Squadron (Provisional), Eglin AFB FL storage until 07/72, USAF Air Materiel Command, Davis-Monthan AFB until 11/72, struck off charge and transfer under MaP as “21319” to "Royal Khmer AF'' incident loose rivets replaced and reinforced damage area due to heavy vibration caused by the aircrafts weapon @ Phnom Penh-Pochentong, Cambodia until 05/74, captured by "Kmer Rouge" "Royal  Khmer AFB, Pochentong Cambodia" fate unknown *
 As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: c/n 002, “21319”
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Picture recently found for sale here someone buy it so we can get a picture that shows the serial no. The picture caption is AU24A t/n 21319

This from person finding the picture;

I came across this photo of AU-24A 72-1319 and thought you may be interested. It's a very poor scan, and manipulating the picture does not reveal the serial. I can only assume that it's visible on the original slide.

I think the picture may have been taken at Davis-Monthan AFB during the summer of 1972. '1319 was input MASDC in JUL72, and the aircraft behind is, I believe, an Army T-41B, which were also stored during '72.

This would have been just before the transfer to the 'Royal Khmer AF' Pochentong, Cambodia.

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Re: c/n 002, “21319”
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I find this photo rather intriguing in the fact that it has been altered, photo-shopped, and made to look rather suspicious. Paul Davis was the tech rep that went over to Cambodia to train Khmer Air Force guys about the Credible Chase program involving the AU-24A. No other photos of Stallion gunships have "blacked out windows" and look closely at the blurred edges of key components of the wing tips, stabilator. There just is something not right about this pic. The very rear window does not conform to production standards set the USAF, and not "mil-spec'd"..

The Air Progress issue with "War Horse" by Gene Smith may shed some light on this. 

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Re: c/n 002, “21319”
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My apologizes for posting the photo above without complete caption, but this photo may set your mind at ease that Paul Davis was completely aware of the fact that the photo posted a couple yeas ago was heavily photo shopped.

There other discrepancies that puzzle me. The 4th photo show it arriving in Cambodia after being just being sold to the military still in civilian livery. When did it get repainted in a military paint scheme was it at Davis Montham or after it arrives in Cambodia.

was the photo just posted actually taken in Cambodia or is this another error?

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