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c/n 4, VT-DVM
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4 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Previous posts about VT-DVM or anything click on  Enter ?
c/n 4, built 01/64 as model U-5A for USAF s/n (59-5956) original registry N10034 struck off charge released 04/64, King-Hurley Research Group DC (CIA front co), *conv to U-5B configuration install Lyc IO-540-C2C and Rajay /Riley turbochargers STC*, install oxygen system & 90 gal ferry tank in middle seat position with 81.8 gals usable 62.1 allowable and removable 52 gal wing tip tanks until 04/64, Corsair Air Serv co FL until 10/64, Air Ventures inc DC until 07/66, Corsair Air Serv co FL until 02/67, Tradewinds Cargo inc rereg N48130, reg cancelled 06/67, export to Thailand ferry from Norwood MA Northeast US border ?, 12/67 reg VT-DVM Charbatia Air Base India, operated in cooperation with Govt India Aviation Research Center (ARC) on Tibet border fate unknown but has not survived until present

      Aircraft was seen with marking “90336” thought to be fake tail # while being evaluated by “Army
      Special Forces at Hulbert Fld. FL”, because t/n “90336” was a USAF Cessna T-37B C/N 40498
      Last survivor, reportedly seen ? as N48130 in '75 enroute to Davis Montham for surplus disposal ?
 As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

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Doug Johnson

Re: c/n 4, VT-DVM
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Added 2nd picture above thanks Louis
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c/n 4 as N10034
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Here is a very good picture of Twin Helio c/n 4 as N10034. It was sent to me by Steve Williams.
The picture was labeled as "Taken in Beirut 08/66". It seems to be fitted with the removable extra long range wing tip tanks in most of the pictures.
That A/C seemed to get around to some widely separated places.

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Re: c/n 4, VT-DVM
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I do lust over the twin-helios.  Some day if I win the lottery I will build one (hire some one to build one for me?).  This picture and the others shown on this page lead me to think that the twin must have been a terror on the ground, more so than the regular Helio.  Everything on this airplane is behind the main gear.  Two engines, pilot, passengers, fuel...everything.  Pushing my plane around I think there is a lot of weight on the tail, probably doesn't even come close to the weight on the tail in one of these.  The twins must have been incredibly prone to ground loop.  But at least the visibility would have been amazing!

Thanks for the newest picture Doug.

Jason Stephens

Re: c/n 4, VT-DVM
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Not to mention having a high center of mass as well. 

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Re: c/n 4, VT-DVM
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If the remaining Helios didn't go to China and were deliberately crash landed it was only 5 of them.

this was the last twin Helio and other of Dr. Leekers photos taken at Sharjah AE enroute to India

this from Dr Leekers article.
One Twin Courier is known to have crashed in India in 1967 (Conboy / Morrison, p.230), but
probably most of the others were also destroyed – except for VT-DVM, which reappeared in
1975 as N48130 (Davis, in: AMCAR, no. 45, p.58). Further details are unknown, but it did
not survive until today (request submitted to the FAA on 10 January 2005).

It was believed to be en route for disposal at Davis-Montham.

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Re: c/n 4, VT-DVM
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Looks like augmenter tubes on it too ?    Paul


Re: c/n 4, VT-DVM
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I'm leaning more towards low infra-red signature exhaust over-the-wing type, ala Twin Commander.


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Re: c/n 4, VT-DVM
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I don't recall seeing the post above about low infrared exhaust but don't really believe much thought was given to hiding infrared signature and stealth at the time this aircraft was built, my bet is exhaust augmentation for better cooling at low speed high altitude which just accidentally happens to help hide the infrared signature. 

This nice photo of Helio twin c/n 4 with fake tail number same as photo#4 in queue above that wasn't folded was sent with Rich Carter in mind

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Steve Williams

Re: c/n 4, VT-DVM
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The caption for the above photo reports it taken at Tipton AAF, MD, 1965. The date conflicts with the aircraft history so may actually be the film processing date.

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Re: c/n 4, VT-DVM
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I wrote the History paragraph and I think my info was wrong it wasn't dated and because the background in the Photo certainly doesn't look any part of Florida that I've seen. I think Tipton AAF, MD, was probably where it was being evaluated, while still with Air Ventures inc DC in 1965.

unfortunately I am unable to edit my History paragraph
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