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Fuel level gauge
« on: June 19, 2015, 09:28:29 AM »
I would like to replace the existing SW fuel level gauge with a dual gauge then replace the rotary switch with a ON-(ON) toggle switch.

What are the values of the stock sending units in the tanks?



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Re: Fuel level gauge
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I used two dual electronic fuel gauges one for each wing the gauge works with a large selection of fuel senders. You can even get a fuel gauge that uses capacitance probes but I personally know they are a pain and not worth the effort mainly because the bladder is designed with the sending unit on the side of the bladder.

Personally I think this is the best fuel level gauge.

I was looking through some pictures found a couple pics of the fuel level ga and the fuel flow ind which also includes fuel press. The MVP 50P was still on the drawing board but is probably the way to go now if you can afford it.

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Re: Fuel level gauge
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I'm having additional outlet put in my bladders and use sight gauges.  They are probably the most honest method of fuel indication

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Re: Fuel level gauge
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I ran across an STC for fuel sending units that includes Helios which I believe some of you guys may find interesting.

They also have a fuel management system not sure whether it is compatible with Helios but sound interesting because it keeps the fuel on different sides within a couple gallons.

I believe I would have to have a set because they are reportedly unbelievable accurate even with fuel sloshing around.

As I stated above I preferred the EI dual gauges but I went through a lot  of problems with the sending units. The original variable resistance float units were bad when I got my Helio, so I tried some capacitance style sending units lot of problems. I went back to original style.

CiES Inc. magnetic fuel quantity sender and Fuel level sensor are now FAA approved by STC for Helio courier installation STC SA02511SE is Electronic international (EI) fuel indicator compatible.

CiES CC284022 Series & STC SA02511SE Update All of these new AML approvals and the existing AML listings are approved for interface with the new Garmin Txi EIS retrofit system, as well as JPI, Aerospace Logic and Electronics International Engine and Fuel Instrument displays. CiES is also FAA approved as a retrofit in Garmin G1000, G2000 and Rochester Gauges round gauge equipped aircraft.

click on to go to

I believe they are available directly through "Cies corp" at or good old  "Aircraft Spruce" and other places as well.

Magnetic sending units

Fuel management system
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