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c/n 2527, C-GZZA
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3 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Previous posts about C-GZZA or anything click on  Enter ?

c/n 2527, built 03/66 as model H-250, original registry N6307V Dr. George Clowes Jr MA placed on PK 3500A amphib floats then removed floats sold '72, James Isabel (Teller Air service (3rd of 4) AK installed steerable tailwheel removed all dual controls copilots side accident aircraft ground looped and the gear collapsed during the take-off run after the pilot unfamiliar in type failed to maintain directional control also failed to relinquish control to more experienced pilot when the situation began to deteriorate @ Teller AK 6/75 sold un-repaired '76, Ronald Anderson AK made repairs sold '77, John Schwamm AK sold '78, John Wetherby III AK place on Edo 3430 floats sold '92, John Pentecost TX sold '97, Michael Magnell AK sold 12/98, dereg export C-GZZA Productions Zoulou inc (Jean Remillard) QC used to film the tv series " Quebec vu d'en haut"  (Quebec seen from the sky). for two seasons sold '99, Louis Grenier QC sold '10, Jean Remillard St Hubert QC placed on 29'' Tundra tires


Louis who is Productions Zoulou inc that sold the airplane to you? Tell us about the you tube video.

The blue stabilator on C-GZZA below is off of an H-800 works really well especially for attitude control

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.
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Productions Zoulou was the compagny of the present owner Jean Remillard.  This plane was used to film the tv series " Quebec vu d'en haut"  ( Quebec seen from the sky ).  This series was like a documentary of different region of Quebec.  Each region was filmed from the air, and presented by someone who was living there.  As we know, the Helio is a very stable platform for filming.  The back door was removed and the camera man very well strapped to the inside of the plane !!  One of the region, was presented by Remillard himself, so this episode was filmed from my plane and you could see Remillard's plane.  We did found somewhere in some POH that door removal was permitted to a certain speed.  Can't remember where. 

Two season were filmed, if i remember.  From time to times, he can sell some footage for other use that needs some view from the air.

At one point, Remillard sold his business.  Some television business.  The Helio was not part of the deal and he had to sell it.  I was really pissed off to see it go away.  A 250 is a very special Helio.  It have something that the other one don't have: it does fly with or without the engine !!  Cutting the power, or putting it back, does not change much.  Probably that the small toothpick size propeller make the power invisible.  So when you land, you don't feel the sinking rate if you cut the power.  The small prop won't slow you down.  It is very comfortable to land without any power.  If you rebound, you don't have to put power again to smooth the sink.  I find it very comfortable and easy.  Samething on take off to a certain degree.  When you put full power, you won't feel much.  No acceleration !  As you start to think that something is wrong, bingo! you are already flying.

So i bought it with the idea to keep it  on skis and use it for winter, and keep the 295 on floats amphibious.  The 250 performs very well on skis.  As all the other Helio except the 800.  In any kind of snow.  Finally, my friend asked me to bought it back some years latter. 

He is from a lovely region north of Quebec city.  A small grass strip  had always been there.  And when he was young, it was used by the postman to deserve the island in front of this village, on skis.  From time to time, the Postman would ask him to jump in the plane for the back and forth ride.  He dreamed all his life to be able to do that again.  So he became a pilot and bought a 170 on skis.  Afetr that he switched for the 250.  Wich he still have.  The grass strip is about 1200 feet.  He does thousands of touch and go in the season.  He might not have any record of time in an Helio, but i am sure he have the record of the most touch and go.  And the most low altitude flying.  I never see him fly more than 50 feet as he always fly over the water of the St-Lawrence river.

Now a darker story.  With a lesson.  This island is called Ile aux coudres.  On this island, a gravel strip.  Owned by a women that simply loved airplanes.  Each time we were going there she was there offering support like bicycle so we could go to one of the many restaurant of the island. She is also a painter.  Each plane that went there was painted by her and put on the wall of the small airport building.  Her son became a pilot and had a 170.  He was friend of Remillard and the wto were often flying side by side.  A 170 can fly very slow.  But not with the safety of a Helio.  So at one point, the 170 pilot was telling on the radio to my friend that he was flying as slow as him.  But seconds later he was spinning to the water never to be seen again.  Remillard was looking for him without success.  The mother became in bad shape.  She now wants to sell the airstrip and go away of the island.  There is some real danger to try to do things that some airplanes are designed to do, with an airplane that was designed for a different mission.

For the youtube video, it is the first time i see the second one.  I will have to ask him.


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Re: c/n 2527, C-GZZA
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Thank you Louis,
IF every Helio owner would give a reply to the post of their airplane this would truly be an interesting site to read.
Thanks again, Doug

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Re: c/n 2527, C-GZZA
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added a picture with skis installed

Louis, tell me about the blue stabilator again, it is 15' like all of the H-391/395/295 isn't it?

Is there a difference in the stabilators with the H-800 4000lb gross I would expect a larger antiservo tab?
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Re: c/n 2527, C-GZZA
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Jim Isabel was reported (by sources I trust) to be an amazing pilot.  I am told he was a decorated military pilot in the Korean War, for landing (I was told) a Mustang on a river bar to rescue a downed pilot.  He operated several Helios out of Teller.  While he owned  C/N 2527, Mike Magnell was one of his pilots.  After working for the majors, Mike bought back 2527.