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c/n 2505, 5Y-AMM
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10 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Previous posts about 5Y-AMM or anything click on  Enter ?

c/n 2505, built 03/65 as model H-250, original registry N5447E sold '65, Patterson’s Aircraft Division, Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa dereg exprt as ZS-EEV South Africa Patterson’s Aircraft Division accident no details @ unknown place time dereg 05/70, export 7P-FDA Lesotho Africa dereg '70, export ZS-EEV South Africa dereg '70, export 7P-EEV Lestho sold '70, dereg export 5Y-AMM East African Flying Doctor Service Nairobi Wilson Airport sold '?, A. Dyer (Kisima Farm) Nanyuki Kenya sold '04, Marc Lekeu (5Y-AMM reg expired '06), transferred to Thailand (RDPL-reg ntu) installed 300hp Lyc IO-54OK1B5/3 bladed Hartzell prop, hangered for sale at Vientiane Laos (HS-reg ntu) Marc Lekeu reportedly deceased Thailand, the a/c is an airworthy but incomplete project, currently stored outside and slowly deteriorating, the a/c was for sale $80K ??

    Marc Lekeu (PO Box 622, Luang Prabang, Laos; Tel: 856-305261301 / 856-207617465; 

After 2505 a 1200 series nose bowl with taxi and landing lts is installed as standard equipment (possibly 1st 5 are H-250A Caballero Model) This H-250A model designation was used in early advertising, but no other references to A are found.

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: c/n 2505, 5Y-AMM
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Added 3rd photo above showing 7P-EEV  registration. Lesotho (originally Basutoland) an interesting country surrounded by another country South Africa.

Now the latest on 2505 and a couple more pictures, 8th and 9th.

sharing Email from Bob Wallace.

Hi Doug-  I think I told you I got up into Laos a year ago and found Helio 2505 after meeting up with Mark Lecou in Thailand.  The hope was to strike up a deal and move the airplane by road down into Thailand where I could get some work done on it with the idea to fly out north through China (I have some friends in General Aviation in SE Asia who have been doing this but it is not easy!)  The authorities in Laos promised to be helpful and accommodating.   But now Mark has disappeared- attempts to reach him have not been fruitful.  Other friends in Thailand have also tried without success.   The Helio has been outside now for some time.  It was covered for a while but the cover has disintegrated.  I would be worried about this particular Helio.  If I could find Mark again I would go back.  I had wanted to save it.  Attached, a few photos-I have more.
By the way, the paintwork was quite beautiful, I thought,  depicting an African scene
Yours truly in one photo.  Cheers, best wishes and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays/  Bob Wallace

Bob, thanks for update and photos.
I have to agree good Artwork especially the use of the porthole to represent the sun.
But still don't think I'd want it on my Airplane, I'd even be reluctant to remove but I would still probably repaint it.

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Re: c/n 2505, as N5447E
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Here is another photo that unfortunately I am now unable open as first photo in the queue of photos above.

It should be the first photo above.

this photo appears to have been taken just before it's export to S Africa.

open photo as #1 in the list above
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Re: c/n 2505, 5Y-AMM
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Hi Doug-  as of March 2017 still Marc LeCou has not surfaced.  #2505 remains outside at Vientiene.  The airplane has been turned around so it faces north now but is still exposed to sun and rain.  The electronic were removed from the aircraft long ago and put in storage and the interior is removed as well.   Not looking good for it and I am not likely t oget to Laos this next year.   Will be asking some of my Thai contacts if they know what happened to Marc but the situation does not seem good either for him or Helio #2505.  I do not think he had any family with him.  He did have a young women who surfaced and claimed to be his "daughter" but I am not sure how that panned out.  Marc had grown up and did most of his early fling in Belgian Congo and had acquired this Helio.  He made the move to Laos when he decided that the Congo was getting too dangerous.  The promised business ideas in Laos did not come about and , I believe, there was some government pushback.  I think everything there (in aviation) is pretty much run by the government.  Wish I could save that one. Cheers/  Bob Wallace

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Re: c/n 2505, 5Y-AMM
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I just received an email that Marc LeCou has been deceased for at least a couple years.

I have no Idea of the current status of c/n 2505