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c/n 1474, N700HC
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No picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

Surprisingly no pictures. Maybe Larry Teufel has one or two?

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c/n 1474, built 04/74 as model H-295, original registry N68872 John Roberts (dealer) SC '74, rereg N700HC Hinkle Contracting corp (William Cress) KT sold '82, Alfred Teufel Nurseries (Tom Teufel) OR installed 3800lb up-gross, placed in experimental category by Helio Aircraft ltd (Tom Teufel) for developing Prototype H-700 using Clarence Brent's STC for Lycoming TIO-540-J2B, with a Hartzell HC-E3YR-1RF/CfHC-E3YR-1RF/FEP563-6 propeller (project A7097-CE-DS) and obtained STC SA1936CE and Normal CoAirworthiness 01/84, also installed prototype H-7/800 wingtips designed by U of CO built by Mark Rowe, sold '83, Helio Northwest inc (Larry Teufel) OR installed 1700 series baggage door reconfigured as H-295 sold '84, Edward Francis MT accident after landing on a ranch strip with wet grass and unable to stop, aircraft slid into a pickup truck @ Corwin Springs-Mission Field, MT 8/84 next accident prior to the attempted take-off, FSS advised the pilot of wind from 250o at 20 gusting to 30 kt and informed him that Runway 26 would be the preferred Runway. The Pilot elected to use Runway 22 and during the take-off roll the right wing rose in a gust but control was regained. According to the pilot, as the aircraft got airborne the left main landing gear and/or the left wingtip struck the ground, causing the aircraft to ground loop left collapsing the right main landing gear @ Livingston MT 10/84, sold '86, Robert Van Buskirk (3rd Helio of 3) FL sold '89, Charles Harmon AL sold '95, Randall Hanes Gaffney, SC installed NACA inlets in place of side scoops on engine cowling, accident fatal crash on takeoff because of drywall screw used as control lock left in yoke column (post crash fire) @ Gaffney SC 10/84, destroyed reg cancelled '00

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: c/n 1474, N700HC
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N700HC  Pictures Found in Stephen Murray Office

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Re: c/n 1474, N700HC
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Is this a Wren behind the 700?  I think they were also used by Air America.  Anyway, another STOL for sure.  An interesting one relying on something else than high angle of attack to obtain Stol characteristic.



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These are really interesting pictures.  It just looks like a hybrid, which it is, with H295 wingtips and gear, H700 motor.  Gives a interesting look into what the 700/800 series would have looked like if the effort had been made to find a new supplier for oleos and gear legs. 

I also do wonder what the performance was like in this configuration...better off the runway than a normal 700 by being lighter.  Better than a 250 or a 391?  It had the lighter weight 295 cage with no gear boxes for a tricycle gear, light weight wing tips, and lots of power......  Probably fast at altitude as well!

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Re: c/n 1474, N700HC
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C/n 1474 originally a 1400 series H-295 was modified by Tom Teufel to be the prototype for the H-700s later it was converted back to a H-295, which seems to indicate to me the that the GO-480 was a better configuration for STOL characteristics. I wonder if this cowling had better cooling properties than the H-700 series. interesting placement for landing lts.

Rodney Thanks for posting the picture it even shows as a prototype what would become the H-7/800 paint scheme.
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