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c/n 1459, ZS-JAR
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3 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 1459, built 01/74 as model H-295, original registry N6494V John Roberts SC (dealer) installed 120 gal LR fuel system sold '74, dereg export rereg ZS-JAR United Air Services, Wonderboom, Pretoria SA sold '75, dereg export rereg A2-AAK Botswana, Aer Kavango (pty) ltd, Maun sold '?, dereg export rereg ZS-XAT SA unknow person ? sold '?, dereg export rereg ZS-JAR SA unknown person ? sold '82, dereg export rereg T100 (1 of 2) Bophutswana Defense Force accident not reported or investigated no details @ unkown place and time, w/o sold '92, dereg export rereg '08 after lengthy rebuild as ZS-JAR by KH Planthire (Wynberg) CC., Rivonia, Gauteng SA, sold '?, Mr Sandru Streamer (Multi Air) completed restoration installed extended exhaust with mufflers and Naca scoop for cabin air inlets , current location '15 Wonderboom Airport, SA

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

c/n 1459 below when it was up for sale as project several years ago

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Re: c/n 1459, ZS-JAR
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Edit: sold '?, Sandru Streamer (Multi Air) completed restoration, current location '15 Wonderboom Airport, SA

Picture added as ZS-JAR

apparently along with #1711 ZS-JZK there are now two Helios flying in South Africa.

Edit: added another pic (opened above) just because I have it, and because it shows the conversion to NACA air inlet on cowling something I liked the appearance of, not sure why it is on left side. I intended to do the same one on each side but never completed, in fact I bought the inlets I believe the inlets are in a box in the garage. It also looks like the landing taxi lt opening has been modified, not really sure why exhaust has been changed unless there is a muffler inside those larger tubes .
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Re: c/n 1459, ZS-JAR
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Another Facebook photo found at Stephens page it is a left side view and a mod to the fresh air inlet appears to had been moved from cowling to upper vertical on boot cowling this probably makes the ducting easier and is probably worth doing. On the right side I personally prefer the appearance of the Naca inlet for the heater air inlet.

another thing I noticed is the large size of the exhaust opening in the photo of the muffler system on this Helio makes me wonder if it is something like the 'Powerflow' tuned exhaust placed on Cessnas, that exhaust gives the Cessna a 10-15hp boost. I believe the Helio factory's early exhaust system on the H-391s was tuned and probably gave a small hp boost, because it had equal length stacks going into to an expansion chamber the mufflers themselves.
In comments by the photo, Grant Timms says he just flew this Helio. Who is Grant is he an owner or does he know anything about the exhaust system?

Any out there know anything about this exhaust system?

A couple edits need to be done to the history paragraph above.

Edit: '74, export special registry request ZS-JAR (for JAARS Mission Helios by) United Air Services

Edit: '92, dereg export rereg as ZS-JAR KH Planthire (Wynberg) CC., Rivonia after lengthy rebuild using parts from ZS-JIU c/n 1705 in '08

Edit: Sandru Streamer (Multi Air) completed restoration installed Naca air inlet on right side of cowling for cabin heat air, moved fresh air inlet scoop on left front of cowling to rear on upper side of boot cowl and extended exhaust with mufflers, current location '15, Wonderboom Airport, near Pretoria SA

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